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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just for giggles

I stumbled upon this video yesterday and just couldn't help but share it. I know nothing about these people except that it looks like they may have quadruplet boys - which is no laughing matter. But perhaps they're making the best out of it since they are posting such a cute little clip to youtube.

Also, they sound a little country. So just in case you can't make out what they're saying, the dad behind the camera says in the beginning "Now Dad's gonna make you laugh." or something like that. Then at the end, the mom says, "Daddy's just a regular old stand-up comedian, isn't he?", again, something along those lines.

It's even funnier how the laugh track to whatever show they're watching in the background kinda sounds like they're laughing at Dad too...

Post Edit: It seems this must be a clip from "Funniest Home Videos"... so maybe it is still a laugh track, or maybe the audience finally found something to make them actually laugh after enduring all the corny Bob Saget jokes...

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