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Sunday, November 09, 2008

I ain't LION, I sware.

We made it safe and sound to Michigan on Saturday. L&C are great hosts and we just finished a great dinner a la chef Chadwick.

A funny pic of our car load on the way to the Detroit, Lions NFL football game today.

The indoor stadium was AWESOME even if the 0-9 Lions aren't...

Molly (L's friend from law school), Lauren, and me.
FUN FACT: Molly's from the great state of KY too!

The girlies @ the game

38-14 Victory for the Jacksonville Jaguars... apparently this isn't a huge surprise?

It was pretty good fun anyway.
HUGE plus that we weren't freezing our buns off outside too.
It's down-right frigid here.

It snowed on the way home from the game!

We'll be back from our mini-vacay all too soon.

Loves it! ~L

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