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Friday, November 07, 2008

Extended lunch, Extended WEEKEND!

Thursday was the last day of my 4th rotation. You know what that means - I'm half-way through! Graduation is just around the corner.

I stole an extended lunch break yesterday and took the pup walking on our favorite local trail. I know I take this area's beauty for granted - the pictures don't even do the fall foliage justice. What a sweet day.

I love this last pic! He was so cute chasing a tiny yellow butterfly - I wish the little yellow gal had shown up in the photo. It was a quaint moment and seemed just how a sweet puppy should be spending his day.

I'm off to pack for our big Michigan weekend. We'll be spending the night with our newlywed friends, Adam and Jamie, in Lexington tonight. Then flying out tomorrow morning to visit Chad and Lauren. I could be wrong, BUT I don't believe I've even been to Michigan before... unless we drove through it to get somewhere else, but I don't even think that's been the case (where would we have been going??). If not, set me straight, Mom.

Back to the packing - we're trying to fit everything in our carry-ons so there's no chance to lose our checked luggage, no EXTRA charge to check your bag (lame). This will be difficult for Nick, darn near impossible for me. I already called Lauren to check if it would be okay if I use her hairdryer, straightener, curlers, and borrow any extra clothes or shoes I may need while I'm there... of course, she said yes. What would I do without her?! Checking a frickin bag, that's what. It's COLD up there, and winter clothes and shoes are BULKY.
So, excited for my first trip to Michigan, excited to see Nick's grandpa on the way to C&L's after they pick us up from the airport, and excited to spend time with our favorite couple that we (sadly) hardly get to see these days. They did visit us in Pikeville last week and somehow slipped out without any pictures! (Hard to imagine since I'm usually glued to the camera.)

This next one is for Lauren.

(L ~ Bob emailed it to me, let me know if you want me to forward it on.)

I can't remember if it's from Thanksgiving or Christmas. But if I do say so myself, we are two glowing girlie girls showing everyone our newly engaged, off the market, left hand bling. We are so lucky to have two fiances with such great taste. And I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful future sister-in-law! See you both TOMORROW!!!!!!!

Will be back Tuesday!

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  1. I LOVE that pic! I've been wanting a copy sooooo bad! Can't wait to see you guys--we miss you so bad!

    PS-did you ever think we'd just be hanging out in MI? I still find it hard to believe we live here! Can't wait for you and N to see it!


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