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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fun Times in Tennessee

Happy Election Day, ya'll!
If you haven't yet, get out and VOTE!

Halloween may have been Friday, but we kept the party going on Saturday with a trip to Bluff City, TN. Nick and I met up with a bunch of my gal pals from pharmacy school and their significant others. Anthony and Amanda Matney were sweet enough to host us all.
Can you say slumber party?

We ALL stayed the night - lots of fun!

The hosts in their very lovely kitchen.

Hendrix got to meet everyone for the first time - he was smitten with Anita.

We all brought a little something to munch on BUT check out Kalina's little display.

We had been sitting around a while, debating whether we actually wanted to put our costumes on, but when Amber and Chad showed up already in character, they demanded we change, lest they be further embarrassed.

Hands down the best costumes of the night: Anita and Kalina as "Sleepy" and "Happy"... completely appropriately chosen.

The girls: Amber, me, Amanda, Anita, Kalina, and Tami.
"Got a little captain in you?"

Michael and Tami, the newly engaged punk rockers.

Amber and Chad... how sweet of them to include our boy as their "huntin' dog".

I found this homemade Indian dress in my mom's garage this week. I think my sister wore it in a high school honor choir skit about 12 years ago...

I was doing the "little-kid-playing-Indian-hand-on-mouth-bahbahbah-noise-thing" but it just came out like I was yawning in all the pictures.

I never think my photo poses through thoroughly enough... would never make it as a super-model... guess I'll stick with pill pusher......

Indian sisters =)

"Sleepy" turned "Pirate"...

"Hendrix" turned "Sleepy"...

The boys built a bon-fire outside.
Apparently it brought out the Disney in us all.

Is that Bambi?

Somehow, Nick dodged the camera alllllll night. He's pretty slick sometimes.

(Don't worry, you didn't miss anything, he turned down every one of my creative costume suggestions...)

Thanks Matneys!

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