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Friday, November 21, 2008

It's almost official... I just have to sign and mail the contract.
I have a job!
{ummmmm, future job.}
Starting May 1st.
{Ya know, as a pharmacist... in case ya didn't.}

My preceptor use to work with CVS and highly recommended it. I said "Well, I dunno..." and before I could finish my sentence he called the district manager and scheduled a sit-down with him the next morning at Bob Evans. I thought it was just going to be a little chat about what they had to offer and to ask me a few questions about myself. But it turned out to be a total presentation about every possible benefit of working at CVS, answering every question I had, and after 20 minutes he asked me what he could do to get me to sign... ?

WHAT?! I thought I was going to be traveling door to door asking if anyone had any positions open, filling out application after application, and actually being interviewed. And I hadn't even planned on starting till months from now. So saying this job came out of the clear blue sky is truly not a complete exaggeration. The whole "increased-demand-for-pharmacists-thing" is AWESOME (!)

Did I mention that when I called the manager the next day to accept, before I could get to the point he offered a signing bonus of a couple K because we're relocating. WE WERE GOING TO MOVE ANYWAY!! crazy =)

But I don't graduate till May 16th.
And I don't take the boards till mid June-ish.
And should I pass, I won't be a licensed pharmacist till I get my results back 4-6 weeks later.
How is this possible?

They hired me at the "Grad Rate" until I'm licensed and I will conveniently be trained to the "ways of CVS" during this time so I'm not thrown into the world of pharmacy as the "boss woman" completely clueless. Always a nice touch.

My feelings on all of this? Completely blessed. With the unemployment rate rising, how could this be anything but a blessing?

Nick and I have been uncharacteristically giddy. It's a very exciting time in our lives and we can't wait to start looking for a house in Lexington after Christmas. I think the butterflies in my stomach have overdosed on caffeine this week and it feels a bit like I'm waiting for the bottom to drop out - too good to be true? Hope not!

Lord willing:
  • future job - CHECK!
  • future homeowner - CHECK!
  • presently extremely thankful, blessed, excited, and in complete and utter awe - CHECK!

We owe everything to the Big Guy upstairs!Thanksgiving couldn't come at a better time - lots to be thankful for this year!

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  1. You are drinking from your saucer cause your cup has overflown. It runs in the family.


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