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Monday, October 13, 2008

Pharm School Halloween 2007

Once upon a loooooong, long time ago, way back in 2007, four princesses decided they would go to the pharmacy school's Halloween Ball as the always dazzling and sprightly entertaining, Spice Girls. There was a Posh Spice (Amber), Ginger Spice (Stephanie), Baby Spice (Amanda), and a Sporty Spice (Kalina).

The four princesses dined on a Halloween cake in honor of Kalina's birthday before jetting off to the pre-party party prior to the Halloween Ball. Ginger Spice was willing as always to wield the knife she carries in her shoe (to fight off dragons) and served the cake.
The pre-party was a magical affair where all the freaks and geeks of the large town of Grundy, VA gathered to show off their costumes. There were goblins and grimlins, fairies and ogers, demons and angels, even an Oompa Loompa showed up to share in the magic that is Halloween. The four princesses were struck with a lucky twist of fate when they found their final missing member of the Spice Girls, Scary Spice.
Given that Scary Spice was a rather large man, (Audi), he was indeed scary and fit in perfectly into the group as the 5th princess. The group was complete and could now astound the crowds that would arrive from near and far at the the Halloween Ball.
The princesses' pals from 'Captain Planet' arrived forthright to safely escort all to the party.

With all the members in place, the group began spreading their message of "Girl Power" throughout the wide-eyed crowds of adorers and super fans.

Though princess Stephanie's fiance arrived without a costume (and was deemed booorrrr-innnggg), he slayed a fairy for her wings to finally become the backwards male fairy we all already knew and loved him for since birth.

The Ball was deemed a success and fun was had by all. The princesses were carried home by angels to sleep in their beds of heaven sent pillowy clouds and dreamt of what costume they would don for next Halloween Ball...

The End.

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