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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bring On the Halloween Spirit

Not sure what year this was, but my older sister, Melissa's costume (on the left) should date this Halloween pic a bit. She looks a little like a Madonna wannabe and I'm "Little Red Riding Hood" (a costume, I believe, I wore on several different Halloweens).
Melissa, a vampire of course. Me, one creepy looking cabbage patch doll?
Master carvers from such a young age... Actually, I'm sure we weren't even creative enough to carve our names on these pumpkins, but whoever did it (I'm guessing Dad), it wasn't your best work ;) Where was that OCD artistic personality when this was going on?! (They say "Missie" and "Steffie"... names which make us both cringe if we hear.)

Have a great Wednesday, the work week is halfway over!

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