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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Ghost of Halloween Past

Happy October! I'm so excited to kick-off the holiday season - first up, Halloween. Nick said he would prefer that I hold off on the Halloween decor till Oct. 1st, so yay for today!
Our first Halloween together, 2005. We passed out candy at Nick's house in Georgetown. Sounds pretty uneventful but it was actually the first time I've EVER passed out candy. (I grew up on top of a mountain with one neighbor - no trick-or-treaters for us.)
( I apologize, Nick....)

Sometime in October of 2006. Our first time pumpkin carving together (and last as of right now). He was our hillbilly country bumpkin pumpkin. I believe we named something like Jethro or John-boy. We'll try to do better this year.

Stay tuned for more pics of Halloween past to come.

There's been a few good costumes in our past...

P.S. - If you missed the post from last night (below), check it out, for your health and all the important ladies in your life!

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