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Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Savior, My Strength

I woke-up yesterday morning with a to-do list in my head, focused on my challenges for the day and a real determination that I would NOT enjoy my Friday. My attitude could not have stunk anymore. In an effort to put off what I was not looking forward to, I checked out the blogs I normally read (or stalk), hoping for updates and stories that would take me away from my mundane life for a few moments before I absolutely had to get back to it. LOW AND BEHOLD, I found just that; EXCEPT that I found reason to get back to my very blessed and (embarrassingly) very easy, delightful, trouble-free, charmed life.

Long story short, one blog told her story of accomplishing many things while listening to her local (Dothan, Alabama) sister in Christ teach a ladies' bible study. I took her advice and listened to this lady while I accomplished my to-do list and was completely and utterly restored, thankful, happy to even have my chores, and shamed that I took this day for granted. Should you want to feel better about your own life and encouraged to do better as well, it's an easy and entertaining listen.

Her name is Amy Edge and you can download her lessons for FREE on her blog or even at iTunes (again, for FREE) and put them on your iPod or MP3 player and listen as you take a walk, clean, drive, WHATEVER. If you search her name on iTunes, she's about sixth on the list of search results. She has seven lessons, each around 30 minutes each. She's EXTREMELY funny, down to earth, and totally NOT self-righteous (which I have little tolerance for those who are - yuck). She made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes and I've only made it through 3 lessons so far! I really enjoyed it and I know it brought me closer to my Lord and closer to being the person I truly wish to be. I do come from a different faith than Amy, and while I'm sure she and I have some different beliefs, I've yet to hear anything in her lessons that I disagreed with in the least. She's also a fantastic writer and her blog has a few good reads as well - though she's such a great speaker I'd rather her read them to me, that, and I'm too lazy to read.

"This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." PSALMS 118:24.

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