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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pharm School Halloween 2006

Just for the "heckovit", Halloween 2006. Another pharmacy school party, not quite as exciting as last year's, but still a total blast.

Amanda and her husband picked me up for the party and we thought to take a picture in my apartment before leaving. They were both pirates, me, a nun.

(I tried to make it a pregnant nun, but every pillow I put in there just looked like I was soon to give birth to SpongeBob SqarePants. Never could get the baby bump quite right.)

I believe this was our friend Ed... not really sure though.
Amanda again and Kim - the butterfly? fairy? Asian supermodel?
??? I'm not good at remembering who was in what mask 2 years ago ???
Nick and I have two Halloween parties to attend this Saturday. One at the preacher's house from my hometown congregation where my parents still attend. The next at a pharmacist's house from Pikeville Med Center.

Will I be pulling out the nun costume again because I never got around to finding/making/caring about a new costume? YES-SIR-REE... but with a twist. I may just have the priest to my nun this year - we'll see.

And maybe, JUST MAYBE, I could get the belly to work this go around. Though I doubt I could go through with it. I can just imagine myself showing up to the preacher's house, offensive costume in tow, and one of his 6 kids or some other kid, (blood sugar level soaring), asking what was I suppose to be?... why am I fat?... what's pregnant?... why can't a nun be pregnant?...

I believe the nun will stay chaste once again this Halloween.

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