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Friday, May 24, 2013

my life story, written and illustrated by iPhone

I've come to realize that one day, if all of my pictures and videos taken by my cell phone, all 33bluemillion, are preserved, my grandchildren could flip through them and basically see my life story. My life's evolution, my whole family growing, changing, every vacation, every funny moment captured, dinners, ceremonies, all of it, the whole shebang... because I basically never put my phone away.

...and I never pick up my Canon any more for that reason as well.

Who needs it? My pictures are good enough for me and my non-professional photographer status.

Like these precious moments with Houston - to me, frame worthy.

My heart could burst just looking at these two and the love they have for each other!♥

His sick day, my selfish moment just soaking it up.

Mom and Dad's night out trying our newest restaurant in town, Coba Cocina.

Very cool decor, architecture and two-story jellyfish tank seen behind us here.
Oh yeah, the food was good too ;)

{Really, seriously, DELICIOUS.}

Almost as dramatic as the death by chocolate this fur baby pulled a few years ago, we had a repeat performace.

This time though, I was home alone with hubs out of town, the baby asleep for the night and the discovery that our pup pulled a box of raisins out of the diaper bag and demolished them while hiding under the bed.

Just in case y'all didn't know, raisins {and grapes} are HIGHLY toxic to dogs. Read: kidney failure.

A quick desperate phone call to my always quick to help fabulous friend, Ginny to wach the baby while I run to the "Animal ER", 24 hours later and another BIG vet bill, our first child is as good as new... minus a shaved, bandaged paw from his puppy i.v.

My new job has proved interesting for phone pictures as well.

A helicopter landing just over my head while enjoying lunch on our terrace? Norm.

A couple extra drugs borrowed from our sista pharmacy while on a Starbucks run? Norm.

Relaxing momma time complete with  bathtub basketball hoop and a floaty book? Norm.

I hope someone is with the gandchildren looking through my cell phone pics one day that can explain some things away if I'm not around. Without narration on some of these and a whole lot of others, they might start to think their grandma was pretty darn cooky.

...and they would be right.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!




  1. I saw Coba on Lee Cruise earlier this week! Looks super cool. If Shawn and I EVER have another date night (we're really bad about it), we might try it. :)

  2. Awww so glad your pup is okay! :)

  3. With all of these pictures on your iPhone, you need to get an Instagram account!

  4. Wow, I did not know raisins and grapes are toxic to dogs. I'm sure my kids have thrown many a grape to the dog but he never eats and then I get mad that I have to pick them up...I suppose it was good thing.

  5. I should also add that my dog ate mouse poison one time and we had to shove a turkey baster full of peroxide down his throat and man did that dog vomit. We gave it to him and just waited and waited and waited and right about the time we were going to give him some more it all came up. Poor boy.

  6. I have soooo many pics in my phone too! Don't even own another camera right now, ha!

  7. So glad your little fur baby is recovering. How scary, huh? Recently our dog got into the trash and ate all kinds of stuff, the scariest being a pack of gum that had been thrown away because it was stale. We did the peroxide thing, like Traci mentioned above, and it worked. Gross. She had also eaten a banana peel, among other things. Disgusting!

    I saw someone mention mouse poison above. I just wanted to mention that if a poisoned mouse (or rat, or other rodent) is eaten by an owl or other bird in your neighborhood, the poison will likely kill the bird, too. Also true if a cat gets ahold of the poisoned rodent. I strongly suggest finding alternatives to poison in order to get rid of pests.

  8. Your 1st born is srsly expensive!!! :) I remember him eating chocolate the other day, it seems.....glad he is ok. Your family is too pretty.


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