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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Derby Baby

Living in Kentucky, I have yet to ever attend the Derby. No desire to really... but if you live in Lexington, Keeneland is most definitely the second best place to be on Derby Day for a laid back, fun atmosphere.

We might have been the only parents in our group of friends that came that day - with child in tow - and while we were unsure how he would do in a big group, live bands playing, staying in our own little confined area for long periods of time - the boy did AWESOME and probably had more fun than any of the rest of us!  

He quickly makes friends with E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. 

We couldn't even take a silly "Awwww, look, we all have the same toenail polish on..." pic without this little dude stealing the show:

Checking out the horsies :)

I LOVE this crazy boy!

You can't wear glasses around this kid without having them stolen.

Kid hazard.

Also known as, mommy sticks to cheapo sunglasses...


After HOURS of running around, dancing, climbing in and out of every momentarily abandoned lawn chair, throwing mulch, and tossing our plastic basketball to anyone who would catch, he finally tuckered out... my rare chance to get more than a minute of Houston snuggles!

THAT face!




  1. Looks so fun! What a little social butterfly!

  2. I am enjoying catching up on all of your updates! I also am curious, what exactly do you tell your hairdresser you want done to your hair?! Your hair is so pretty!!! Is it long layers?


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