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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

...conversations with co-workers(!)

Let me preface this conversation by saying our precious co-worker, whom everyone loves, fully admits to being a little dingy and confused at least half of the time. Our pharmacy is still new, still building business and at the moment, we have lulls throughout the day without a lot to do in those times.

We resort to talking. Naturally :)

Some of our conversations would blow your mind. Either by the deep thoughts expressed and contemplated in new realms of consciousness orrrrrr more likely, by the immaturity of the topics and the giggles of supposed health care professionals. Just.Blow.Your.Mind.

I attempted to recreate one of those conversations here. One that left us bumfuzzled, stunned, and then laughing hysterically. I hope you can enjoy it even 1/10th of the amount I did, since the majority of it is one of those 'ya just had to be there...

Disclaimer: I had express permission by "Always confused coworker" to share our wacky exchange!


It's morning. We're sitting in silence in the pharmacy, five of us, each busy with our own personal business on the computers, {i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, email, etc.}. "Always confused coworker" interrupts the silence with a thought that pops into her head as usual. I suspect she hates the silence while I say, silence is golden ;)

Always confused coworker: A lady near where I live told me I'm close to the Arbortrarium and that I would love it and should go walking there sometime. What's the Arbortrarium?

One of the rest of us: You mean the Arboretum?

Always confused coworker: Yeah, the arborrr... wait, how did you say that again?

One of the rest of us: Arrr-bor-reee-tum.

Always confused coworker: I don't even know what that means. What is it? She said she walks there. You just go and walk?

One of the rest of us: You know how arbor means tree? Like "Arbor Day"?

Always confused coworker: No...

One of the rest of us: Well, it does. So this is a place with a lot of trees - and this one just so happens to have a walking track too... and flowers and a kids play area and a lot of other great stuff. You should go, you'd like it.

Always confused coworker: Are there going to be tree huggers there?

One of the rest of us: Well.... ummm... maybe.

Always confused coworker: Like tree worshippers????

One of the rest of us: Nononono... tree huggers usually just means someone who's environmentally conscience. A nature lover...

Always confused coworker: ...because John Denver was a tree worshiper...

One of the rest of us: No, he wasn't.

Always confused coworker:  Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was...


P.S. I ♥ my job! and I love our Arboretum. If you're in the Lexington area, you should visit. It's free, you can walk for miles and see pretty trees and stuff. Just don't bother the tree worshippers in the middle of their rituals...



  1. Sounds like my younger sister, she has many "blonde moments" or as we call them in our house, "Mady moments", she can't say the word technologically and we make fun of her for it :)

  2. Haha I love this! I can only I imagine this conversation. And I do love the Arboretum! Perfect running trail!

  3. Wow... that convo would have made me frustrated!

    I haven't been to the Arboretum in probably years!


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