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Monday, May 20, 2013

LUUUCCYYY!, you’ve got some e‘splaining to do…


Helllllllllllooooooooooo, blogworld!

Are you there?

It’s me, that red-headed girl.

that girl


The one that use to write here and share life stories and one to many photos of her baby.

But it’s not realllly THAT “me” anymore. I’m not sure if I really even remember that girl that has taken over 5 MONTHS to even type a single word on this blog.


SO MUCH has happened in that time frame. SO MUCH GOOD GREAT stuff has happened. Which is a wonderful reason to be too detained to type.

{I apologize to anyone who might have thought I dropped off the face of the earth or something a little more tragic had happened… all is well with me and my home.}


I have appreciated the emails, messages, and comments left by lovely followers and friends over the past few months to let me know my absence was noticed. You all have always been infinitely sweet to this girl and I will never fully wrap my head around your generosity of spirit.

I have NOT, however, appreciated the ludicrous amount of spam comments left ;) Where do these robots come up with these paragraphs?! Actually though, I do appreciate some when the grammar is so disjointed and the message is so discombobulated that I have to LOL.

So yeah, some spam actually IS appreciated.


I digress.


I can see that SO MUCH has happened to YOU as well! Not only have I been absent from writing, but also absent from reading. There have been new births, adoptions, pregnancies, marriages, promotions, home purchases, exciting vacations, graduations, moves across country – you name it, you’ve been doing it! I am slowly, but surely catching up with all of my favorite blogs and gorgeous blog friends.




Now, I have a little bit of catch-up to do. Mostly an overload of photos to show you. Mostly involving one certain, most precious, sweetest, most lovable little boy in the whole world…




My posts jam packed with pictures from the past 5 months(!) may start to feel like that stereotypical dweeb with the projector out showing you a week long slideshow of pictures you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. BUT, Once I get through all that backtracking I plan to do this week, we should return to our regularly shceduled programming.


For today, the highlights:

{Or more appropriately titled, a few of the reasons why I have been MIA over the past 5 months…}


1.) I know you’re all probably expecting this one, so let me go ahead and get it out of the way. We ARE expecting a new little one!




Even Houston can’t believe it!!! He will be getting his FIRST cousin while Nick and I will become an uncle and aunt for the first time in August!!!!


My SISTER is due on August 30th.

Houston’s birthday is August 29th.

My mom’s is August 28th.



I have never seen a wackier face on my dad than in this picture. I adore this photo of us :)



As you might be able to tell from their Facebook picture telling the news, this baby has been prayed for by many for many years. GOD IS GOOD!



2.) I interviewed for a coveted position at the University of Kentucky’s hospital in January. There are numerous benefits to just working at UK, let alone this position was joining a spanking new team to open a brand new pharmacy in UK’s newest pavilion. This was the chance to be on the ground floor, brainstorming the construction of the pharmacy, new procedures and services UK had yet to offer through pharmacy, etc. etc.

A highly sought after position I had little to no hope I would get.


{You can’t tell me this isn’t the cutest pharmacist you ever did see, modeling my work gear… ;)}




I started my new position in February and our new pharmacy just opened on May 1st! We have been busy busy busy as you might assume. I was happy at CVS and definitely happy with 30 hours a week there (I’m back up to 40 hours now…), but my new position has been an opportunity in pharmacy I could have never imagined and one most pharmacists never have the opportunity to grab. One happy pharmer, here :)




3.) I’ll wrap it up with this last one, though we haven’t even covered 1/4 of the highlights of the past few months, this final one has been a large time suck for me outside of family time and work and one that has probably been the reason I’ve been away from blogworld so long:

It started in February when I started doing some actual life changing DVD barre workouts in my living room that I have loved like no other workout and have seen results from like no other workout, Physique 57. That’s not all I have to say about that, but it definitely deserves it’s own post for another day…

my honey2


Gradually, I started feeling good, feeling great, gaining muscle/energy/motivation and after years of hating running, proclaiming I would never “be” a runner and having no desire to run, in the words of the infamous Forrest Gump, “I just felt like running.”

To the point that I signed up for a half marathon. Eeeeek! One that is still several months away. One that I have serious doubts about my brand new baby runner capabilities of doing, but one I’m determined to get to and THROUGH!




With the little bit of time I have between work and family, fitness has become that last teensey bit of time in my day that blogging use to exist inside. The challenge to balance is ON!



my honey


More updates as my new “balancing” allows, *hopefully* VERY soon!





  1. So glad you are back!!! Houston is still the cutest little boy ever!!!! Congratulations on becoming a aunt soon it is so much fun!, the new job, becoming health and running!!! So exciting for you on signing up for a half marathon!!! I am a baby runner too and would love to here what you are doing! Welcome back! I have missed you!!!!!! (Sorry for all the exclamation marks. I am just excited you are back!)

  2. So glad you're back!! In my family, my Uncle's birthday is June 28th, I'm June 29th, and Grandma is June 30th! The combo has done our family pretty well :)

  3. Yay! I have missed your refreshing take on life!

  4. Such exciting things you have going on! I'm glad you're back!! (and Houston has just gotten cuter in the interim!)

  5. Congratulations! I'm so glad you're back :)

  6. YAY!!!! Welcome back!!!!! Loved catching up on the happenings:)

  7. Welcome back!!!!! I'm so glad you are and started to catch us up!! :) Good luck training for your half marathon! I just ran one a few weeks ago so if you need any tips or motivation - lemme know! I think you will rock it!

  8. Fun! I think I started following you right before you took a break :) I look forward to hearing more about this workout!

  9. Yippe, we HAVE missed you and your wit! Congrats on SO much great news!

  10. SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!! You have been missed! Praises to God for your sister's pregnancy, and your new job! Congratulations and enjoy! Love having your writing back in my life for a breath of fresh air that I so desperately needed!!!

  11. YAY!!! so happy you are back and big CONGRATS!!! all around :-)

  12. welcome back! Houston is getting so big!

  13. Welcome Back! Congrats on the new job and on becoming an aunt! Houston is such a doll!

  14. Please let us know about your workout videos!!!! I want to buy, but want to know which ones you use....I think you may have resolved my issue of finding a good workout video!

  15. So glad you're back!! Can't wait to see what you all have been up to!


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