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Friday, June 17, 2011

Showered with {Baby} Love!


We are 30 WEEKS today!!! That sounds unbelievable and just confirms this pregnancy truly is flying by. We’ll be getting dressed up for our friends’ wedding tomorrow, I’ll be sure to get a bump pic there!

{Believe me, you do not want one now with the mess I am straight out of bed – nor will you want one tonight after my 12 hour day. A 30 weeks and 1 day picture will just have to do, friends…=)}



This past Saturday, our little family of {almost} 3 was showered with copious amounts of love. My mom and mother-in-law with the help of my sister {and the brunt work of my dad!}, threw the most gorgeous shower in honor of our Houston. We were completely overwhelmed with the time, effort, and funding they put into a day just for us and will always be extremely grateful to all 3 of them for making sure we had such a special day.

Just as I was with our wedding shower, I was completely OVERWHELMED again with all the guests who came and spent the day with us, bringing with them lots of goodies to spoil our little one with. There was so much love and hospitality in one room, just for our family, that it makes me want to cry happy tears just thinking about it now!


I came away with a ton of pictures, mostly just from before the shower started and still didn’t get one of everything I wish I had.

Enjoy a few of my favorites!


First of all, I LOVED his cake. It was just as fun to eat it’s deliciousness as it was to look at it.




“Houston – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star… Do you know how loved you are?”

Custom sign ordered by my mom-in-law!








Can you figure out who made this best diaper cake I’ve ever seen? Houston only has one aunt… and she’s the best!






I love Jim Shore and my mom found this one perfect for the theme of the shower, Nursery Rhymes, and perfect to sit in his nursery later♥


Nick and I have discussed taking Autumn home and never bringing her back a few times ;) She is a laugh riot and always, cute as a button.



Remember Katie from her baby shower in February. Baby Edmond is here and all kinds of ADORABLE!




Perfect personalized blocks from Samantha! Drop her a line on her blog if you wanna know where you can get some of your own in any color. They’re a must have for any kids room =)



The best parents in the world:



The best sister in the world:



The best in-laws in the world:



A fellow preggo! Jodie is one week behind me and having a little girl-friend for Houston - Avery Grace.



The food was yummalicious!



The little girls waiting so patiently for my aunts to cut the cake were cracking me up – I had to take a picture.



From my cousin, Sarah – the outfit on the left will get lots of use in this house divided, but I’m not sure where the outfit on the right has disappeared to already???




If we were trying to keep our son grounded, it’s already too late. He now owns a silver baby spoon from Tiffany’s – hilarious.



My mom-in-law’s dream: to have a picture next summer with all her boys in their personalized Reds uniforms. So CUTE!



Nick with a baby?! Get use to it.



The aftermath from unloading 2 SUV’s after a 2 hour car ride home – a blessed mess =)



{The BIG items were all still in the garage!!!}





Seriously, how did we get so lucky?!




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  1. Very, very lucky you are...looks like a beautiful shower for Houston. He's already a loved little boy! :)

    And of course, you look gorgeous!!!!

  2. Oh my word...LOOK at all that STUFF!! Good grief ARE blessed. Love all the pics! You look wonderful!

  3. That's such a sweet shower! I LOVE the twinkle twinkle sign for his room, so precious!!

  4. My son also has his first Tiffanys baby spoon. Great goodies you got!! Beautiful top you have on!!

  5. I wish we had done an "aftermath" picture. I think we could have done one with just UK gear! Also, I really like the twinkle, twinkle sign. Might have to hang on to that idea for the future. :)

  6. How adorable are you??? LOve the bump in all the pics! The sign is too cute, and I love the blocks too!

  7. I love the cake and all of the decorations! I can't believe that you are already 30 weeks!!! It feels like you were just announcing your pregnancy a couple of weeks ago =)

  8. Looks like a beautiful shower! And it looks like you got some great stuff for baby Houston! :)

  9. Seriously.......MUST GO IN GARBAGE.......IMMEDIATELY!!!! That red thing that is.

    You are blessed. Thanks for sharing with us.

    So I have to propose you linking up with June Quarterly Top 5 photos (you've taken of your children) beginning June 30 through July 6th. It is on my blog, but I just KNOW you could come up with something creative and HILARIOUS. Consider it.........please :)

  10. What a beautiful shower!! You all are so very blessed!!

  11. Wow, that is amazing! Look at all that loot! What a fun shower! It makes me so anxious for mine!!

  12. Beautiful shower, Stephanie! Houston is one very lucky little boy! :)

  13. Houston is one lucky baby! And, you and your hubby are pretty darn blessed to have so many loved ones that care so much for you. :-)

  14. you have the cutest bump. I love the color of your livingroom, may I ask what the paint is?

  15. Wow! What a seriously cute shower! You guys are one lucky family!

  16. I'm so glad you had a great shower! Houston got a LOT of clothes!

  17. It looks like it was a beautiful shower. You look gorgeous in that tunic, positively glowing! Your family did a marvelous job with everything! Also, those little sperry's on Edmond are amazing, I die!

  18. That is a ridiculous amount of clothing and baby supplies :) And I mean that in a good way! That is so awesome how much God blessed you through such sweet and caring friends! So excited to hear more update about little Huston!

  19. I love the beautiful cake and decorations at your baby shower.
    I taking notes for the day my son gets married and we're blessed with a grandchild!
    And you look amazing. I love your top. Is it maternity? If so, the clothes have definitely gotten better then 19 years ago!
    Congratulations to you and your family.


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