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Monday, June 27, 2011

31 weeks of belly love and a night at the zoo!

We turned 31 weeks this past Friday - where has the time gone?!

Houston is {obviously} growing like a weed in there. My belly seems to be growing overnight lately. It may have something to do that he may *hopefully* have finally flipped. I woke up one morning last week feeling very different - my stomach felt stretched, harder and then - hiccups! But not just any old hiccups... hiccups down low, y'all.

Maybe I'm just hoping to avoid a C-section the best I can, but I would put money on the fact that he has indeed FLIPPED!


Just for funsies... same dress in the first belly pic I ever posted on the blog, 14 weeks:



Moving on to more exciting things than weekly belly pictures ;) ...this past Saturday night, Nick and I had the pleasure of attending his company's yearly banquet held this year at the Cincinnati Zoo. What a fabulous idea?!


We got to watch the Cheetah show before dinner and watch the "fastest Cheetah in the world" sprint after a stuffed animal. She was UNBELIEVABLY fast. Loved this!




Not only did we get to walk around and see the animals of the zoo, they even joined us on the dance floor!


The official mascot who actually attend the games of the Cincinnati Bearcats:

The exotic Ginny was even there =)

This cake was just as delicious as it was beautiful. Between 3 of us girls and our significant others, we snagged every flavor offered and had a bite of each ~ perfect end to the perfect night with Perfection Group!


  1. You look fabulous! Such an adorable belly! And what a cute cake!!!

  2. You are seriously the cutest! And that dress is absolutely adorable! :-)

  3. You look absolutely amazing! So stinkin' cute :) I love the idea of a company party at the zoo, and that cake is so creative.

  4. I wanna dance with a penguin!!

  5. You look great!! In some pictures I can't even tell your preggers!!

  6. Aww - time sure does fly! You are beautiful! You have a wonderful 'glow'. :) I love all of your pictures! Cincinatti? Wow. Not far from where I live...I live in the Mid Ohio Valley - down at the bottom of the state. Love all the animals in your pics. ;) The Giraffe is my favorite, though. :)

  7. Too funny... I had on that dress yesterday...although I am not pregnant...yet... with the high waist they would be perfect for maternity wear!

    I love that cake.

  8. Awesome top!! And I want to dance with penguins!

  9. happy 31 weeks and you look as adorable as ever!! We just went to the zoo last week and loved it. So fun isn't it!

  10. That cake looks amazing-so cute. And you look great! You're getting so close to meeting your little boy!

  11. I love that picture of you and the penguin on the dance floor, so cute! And your outfit at the zoo was perfect

  12. look just sooo beautiful, girlie! And the zoo event is definitely up my alley! Love those animal pix! I wouln't have wanted to leave!

  13. I can't believe your already 31 weeks! You look amazing!!!!!!

    Love that cake at the zoo!!

  14. You look adorable...I like the picture/dress comparisons. Too cute...and what a fabulous event!?! You look precious there too...but you always seem to! Yep, that cake is crazy wild.

    Love, Meli

  15. You look fabulous! Looks like a fun time at the zoo :)


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