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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

7 months of BARE belly love =)

While baby-daddy was off gallivanting in Canada for a friend’s bachelor party, Houston and I hit the 7 month mark and I was forced to take grainy self-portraits with my iPhone in the bathroom mirror of our chub-makin’ progress.

{My displeasure with his trip is truly just a joke – I was the one who encouraged him to go and have his testosterone filled fun before the baby came and he would forever be Mr. Mom.}

{…and YES, I do deserve the pregnant wife of the year award, thank you.}

So anyway, like I was saying… I tried my best with these. You would think since I could see myself while taking the picture, I would be able to avoid the “deer caught in headlights” look, but alas, that look is most truly the real me.


The pictures were turning out fairly crappy and I was fed up with trying to hold my shirt perfectly to show just the right curve of this 28 week burgeoning belly… so I did it. I lifted my shirt on up and am now giving my bare belly it’s debut in the blog world.
{my bare belly is on the friggin’ WORLD WIDE WEB, ya’ll!! Yeesh!}

Ain’t it a beaut’?
{Don’t answer that. I’m glad I can’t see your shocked, horrified faces.}

7 months is proving to be quite the mile marker. Our entry into the third {and final!} trimester is official, we drank our delicious “glu-cola” drink at the doctor today and passed the glucose challenge, we’re looking forward to seeing our sweet baby boy’s face at a 3-D ultrasound on Thursday, AND we’re attending the first of a few baby showers in Houston’s honor, back in my hometown this weekend.

{…a baby shower thrown by my mom and mom-in-law in which they have completely OUT-DONE themselves. I am SO excited!}

My anticipation for this little one’s arrival has been tripling with each passing day recently and it truly is becoming part of my reality that he will be here very soon. This is a strange but true statement – my baby fever IS BACK!
It doesn’t help that I have sweet sorority sisters, Danielle and Ashley, who have  each given birth recently and who ALSO blog the most darling pictures of their wee ones. {Do not visit their blogs if you can’t risk catching your own bout of “the fever” – you most certainly will with just one visit!} I cannot wait to be in their adorable mommy shoes♥


  1. You look so great!

    Yay for baby showers! I am sure Houston is going to be SPOILED! :)

  2. Those pictures are adorable! I don't blame you for showing off the bare belly! :)

  3. Don't be silly!!! You LOOK AMAZING!!! Have fun at your showers!!

  4. Are you kidding? Your bare belly is just as gorgeous as you

  5. OMG, you are seriously adorable!! And that belly of yours is just as adorable!! So cute!!!

  6. Wow! You look great!!! Really, I'm nowhere near brave enough to post my {pasty white} 6 month pregnant belly on the internet!! (Sidenote: you look tan...lotion? Do tell!!)
    Congratulations to you three!! The best days, weeks, months, and years of your life are just around the corner!!!

  7. You look gorgeous! Yay for the third trimester!

  8. You look absolutely adorable! :)

  9. You have the CUTEST belly EVER!! :)

  10. Adorable! What a cute baby bump!

  11. Beautiful, and so not fair. {stretch mark queen here}

  12. You look SO pretty ! What a beautiful pregnant lady you make ! And your belly is definitely the cutest. Show it off, it's perfect !

    Bisous :)

  13. You look great!! I'm 1 week away from officially hitting 7 months, and it's so funny because my baby fever is back, too! Guess nature is doing something right :)

  14. You have an adorable baby belly(:

  15. 1. You look adorable!
    2. Thank you! I can't wait for you to be in the mommy shoes too! So excited for you and Nick!
    3. I'm really thinking Walker and Houston need to be long distance buddies! Maybe they'll even end up at G-town together! Ha!

  16. You look amazing! You hot mommy!

  17. You look fantastic! You "grow" girl!

  18. You are so beautiful! And you are very tan. Do you lay out or spray tanning? Either way, it's good look for ya. Hope the hubby is enjoying his trip before daddy-duty. lol :-)

  19. You look adorable!

  20. You seriously look so great! You're pretty much the most beautiful baby mama I've ever seen, what a perfect bump!

  21. I hope you don't think this is wierd but I saw you at your place of employment over the weekend while I was grocery shopping and was completely star struck. I can only hope I look as good as you when I become Congrats on everything!! -Dyanna


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