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Thursday, December 02, 2010

little susie wreath maker


I’ve been inspired by so many bloggers and their beautiful Christmas wreaths that I finally had to take a stab at one of my own…. only after I went out looking for a gorgeous wreath to buy and found only slim pickin’s and just a couple nice ones with an even prettier price tag. Someone is making a pretty penny on those wreaths!

Off I went to Hobby Lobby this morning for supplies. December 2nd and the Christmas decor has already been completely picked over. It is unbelievable how fast that stuff goes!

All I ended up buying was the plain wreath itself and decided to use a few ornaments and some mesh ribbon I already had at home. The picture story of my first attempt at wreath making:


Pay no attention to Hendrix’s bear taking a nap in the background…. so much for getting any help ;)



I used these ties to bunch the ribbon and to attach all the ornaments – easy peazy lemon squeazy.





I almost quit at this point. Kinda cute as is!



I hung it up to start attaching ornaments so I could see how they would hang…

a few more to go at this point:





{For now… glitter overboard is more my style, so I’m gonna be keeping my eyes open for some nice sparkly picks or beads. To be continued.}



The rest of the house is {hopefully} getting finished tonight and I can post some pictures soon. I can’t believe I started the week before Thanksgiving and I’m still not finished!

It’s only going to get worse with each passing year ;)

Did I mention I love Christmas?!

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  1. Aren't you crafty! It looks great. I really like how you did the ribbon!

  2. aww that's looks awesome! i might have to make might own! i saw plain wreaths at Whole Foods that smell amazing, and I have so much ribbon!

    thanks for inspiration. :D

  3. it looks fabulous! i really need to get mine finished : )

  4. I love it. It looks amazing!

  5. Very pretty! Thanks for your input on our classroom, BTW :)

  6. I made my own this year too:)

    Looks great!!

  7. It looks great! Have a great day. xoxo.

  8. The wreath came out great! I know what you mean about Hob Lob. I bought everything I thought I needed before Thanksgiving. When back the Saturday after Thanksgiving & hardly anything was left. I've been a wreath making fool! I have pictures on my blog.

  9. So cute! I am certain I could not manage to make one look this cute.

    Wait till you have a child, then you will learn to get your decorations up quick or you'll never get them's crazy how much more difficult it is and my child doesn't even walk yet!

  10. Very Crafty! It turned out beautiful!

  11. Please come to my house and do one! I am not this craft gifted... {jealous}

  12. Excellent!!! I adore your!!

  13. I love your wreath, I might have to "borrow" your methods for my own. Have a great weekend

  14. It looks so pretty!! Now I want to make one too! :)

  15. that wreath is so pretty! i made my own wreath this year too with stuff i got from "hob lob"...i think the total cost was like $10.

  16. I'm really impressed! I've never attempted to make a wreath. I might have to now, yours turned out fantastic!

  17. Very cute! I made my own this year much cheaper than buying the ones that I don't even really like anyway haha!

  18. I love your blog! I finally finished reading all of your posts (I promise I'm not a stalker). It's nice to see that there are young Christian women in this country who are not afraid to share their beliefs. Kuddos to you Stephanie!

  19. You did a FABULOUS job on yur wreath! I am thinking about making a wreath too this Christmas season! Have a great weekend!

  20. That's gorgeous! Great job!

    I'd like to think I'm crafty enough to do something like that, I just lack the patience. ;)

  21. Very beautiful wreath!!! You did an EXCELLENT job on the wreath!!!

  22. that's the cutest wreath ever. I want one!

  23. What a completely adorable wreath ~ I love it!

    Have a Happy Labor Day!


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