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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

snowman gone wild

It’s been snowing here in Kentucky since December 1st, which is unseasonable but welcomed by me. I find it entirely appropriate for December and gorgeous as it adds a nice touch to all the outdoor decorations. I’m sure God had that last detail in mind when making his weather decisions for the month.

***Though it is odd that this followed our crazy comfortable 70 degree Thanksgiving day. Go figure.


I was stopping in Michael’s craft store the other night and saw this little gem.


If someone went through the trouble to build a snowman on their car and it stayed put even while driving… ummmm yeah. I GOTTA take a camera phone picture of THAT!


Thanks, random stranger, for making my day with your randomly placed snow-man. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas – you certainly deserve one.


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  1. That is adorable. I have never been to Kentucky!! I wish I had snow at my house!

  2. Colorado must be sending all of our snow your way. We've hardly gotten anything this winter, which is fine by me!

  3. Oh how fun!! I miss good snow!! :(

  4. Hehehe. How cute?!? Oh what fun it is to ride...with a snowman on your car!

  5. That snowman is great!

  6. That is so funny, lol!

  7. I saw a pic (either online or the news-who can remember?) where someone had made a car snowman out of frost! It was tiny, but cute.


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