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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Home Tour 2010


This year’s decor is not extremely different from last year’s, but there are a few subtle touches I’m really kinda’ excited about.


First, my little vignette. I don’t know that I’ve ever called anything a vignette before, but I believe this qualifies as one, so there ya go:



It incorporates a lot of the things I love: pinecones, gorgeous ribbon candy, my favorite lamps {from Goodwill!}, apothecary jars, antique ornaments from Nick’s grandmother on top of her antique table…



…and the gumdrop balls I made! I’ll have to do a little tutorial on these later, though something tells me you smarties could figure this simple craft out on you own ;)




This pup just can’t get enough attention. Normally, if I’m trying to take a picture of him, he’s running away – but try to take pictures of something else and ignore him – oh nooooooo… baby needs his attention and will stand perfectly still for a photo op.  ♥ him!



I showed you my wreath and how I made it a couple weeks ago, but I had to include it in the home tour again.



The mantle:





Our BIG tree.

I finally got my blue ribbon mesh I’ve been searching for this year!



I forgot to take a full shot of the living room, so here’s one from last year that’s pretty similar:


The peppermint themed dining room:



Post coming on this little peppermint topiary I made this year too.

I love it!




Anyone remember the scuffle I had with Nick over these hanging ornaments last year?? Good times… =)


Hendrix’s tree:



His sweet little doggie ornaments:



The sports themed tree in the mancave/theater room/basement.



More antiques from Nick’s precious grandmother – a nutcracker collection!



Our little village {Nick’s mom adds a new piece to it every year} and the lighted painting I made above it!



My goal is to make a new painting for each holiday/season in the next year and to switch them out constantly above this fireplace in the basement – we’ll see how that goes!



And just a few more pictures because everything looks different at night ;)









Hope you enjoyed. Merry Christmas, everyone!


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  1. It's hard to pick my favorite thing because I LOVE it all!

  2. Everything looks gorgeous! I love love love all of it!

  3. Your house is so beautiful and festive! Love it! :)

  4. Wow! You went all out! Looks fabulous!

  5. Everything looks awesome!!! Would you shoot me an email to tell me how you did your Lighted Christmas painting? I'm in love with it! I'm sure I could create, but why recreate a wheel?!

  6. I should totally do a Christmas tree for my kitties. Beautiful decor!

  7. Oh goodness! I love your gumdrop balls! They are adorable! Beautiful trees!

  8. it is all lovely! i really wanted to hang ornaments from my ceiling this year because i loved it so much in your home from last year but i never got around to it : ( Maybe next year!

  9. I cannot WAIT to see tutorials on the peppermint topiary and everything else. LOVE!!

  10. WOW!!! You have more Christmas decor than most people three times your age. I am impressed, but tired thinking about putting all of that up.

    It is beautiful and I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lighted painting. You should do a tutorial on it!!!

  11. Girl, your house is beautiful! Love all your crafty Martha-style Christmas decor! Have a great day!

  12. Everything looks great! Merry Christmas!

  13. I absolutely LOVE your dining room. You have such a beautiful home and are a talented decorator.

    Merry Christmas!

  14. What a fun painting you made! A good way to sneak in those multi-colored lights you like so much!

  15. I love it all so much, you went all out!
    Such a great idea for a little doggie tree!

    I get sad thinking about having to take down all the Christmas stuff after New makes a home feel all empty or something :(

  16. wow! So festive and cozy!! I love that Hendrix has his own tree, that makes me want to start putting up a little doggy-themed tree for my dog! And I love the peppermint topiary! I can't wait to see your tutorial on that!!!

  17. Ok, I had to read this twice to erase what my mind initially read.
    "antique ornaments from Nick’s grandmother on top of her antique table…"
    Somehow I read it to say that Nick's grandmother was on top of her antique table! I was looking for an urn of ashes. Morbidly funny.

    Your house is beautiful - I love your family room colors and all of those great windows! Can I hire you to do my decorating next year?

  18. PLEASE do a how-to on the peppermint topiary! Such a great idea!

  19. I love the peppermint themed dining room!!! Everything looks gorgeous!

  20. I love all your decorations. I can't decide which is my favorite but it is between the peppermint dining room and the blue Christmas tree. You did an amazing job and everything is so festive. I am for sure going to need how to lessons on the painting in the man cave, the peppermint topiaries, and the gumdrop balls.

  21. I find that my comments to your posts are usually numbered, but I always have so many thoughts!

    1. If I put real dog bones on a tree, they would last for about 30 seconds.
    2. I have dreams of having multiple, themed Christmas trees one day.
    3. Ah....Now I want a vignette!
    4. Love the shelves on either side of your fireplace. I've been wondering what to do with ours because I don't want to do pictures. Hmmm...copycat moment ahead.
    5. I love the ribbon candy! At least I love to look at it. It's so pretty & looks so yummy, but unfortunately, I think it tastes like yuck. Great idea with the jars. Hmmm...might have to copy that too. Note to self, when decorating next year, pull up this post.

  22. Your house is beauiful! The peppermint topiary is my favorite! DO TELL!! haha

  23. Everything looks great! I really love your living room and your wreath.

  24. Wow! You go all out. I am always so impressed by you. And yes - I remember the ornament debacle last year. LOL. You are so crafty! I love your painting. And your vingette??!!?? So fine. You just impress me to no end...Merry Christmas!!! p.s. How do you find the time???

  25. All of your decorations look wonderful! I love the Christmas wrapped pictures. What a simple thing but it really looked good.

  26. I'm loving the peppermint topiary!

  27. i stand in awe of anyone crafty. your home is like a winter wonderland - so pretty! i love everything.

  28. Love everything!! especially your blue tree!

  29. i love ALL your decorations. so cute! can i move in with you during christmas time next year?

  30. love the little doggie tree! and the dining room! so cute! xoxo

  31. Oh my goodness!! So crafty! Looks like a magazine- great job!

  32. WOW! Very impressive. And I love the vignette.

  33. Absolutely beautiful!! You decorate your house so magnificently. So glad to see your 'baby' is feeling better :) Happy Holidays!

  34. I LOVE your very festive home! It all looks amazing! I also love the photos you have scattered about on the walls in the one room! I wish I could have you decorate my home!

    I am a new follower!

  35. Wow - everything looks amazing! What a great job you did...are you sure you're not a professional designer? :)

    Marry Christmas!

  36. Love the Christmas painting over the fireplace! All the candy is absolutely...well, sweet! Merry Christmas.

  37. Holy moly sister! I love your ambition! Everything looks amazing...your photography does too!

  38. Oh my goodness!!!! Everything is so gorgeous!!!!

  39. Everything is simply STUNNING!!!!!!!!!

  40. Absolutely beautiful!
    Happy Holidays!

  41. i love all the fun candy decor! love the gumdrop balls!


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