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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NYC – Central Park


I was planning on making this a picture post only for “Wordless Wednesday”, but who am I kidding? I’ve never taken part in Wordless Wednesday. Sorry, but I always have something to say ;)


We probably took a good chunk of the pictures we brought home from New York in Central Park. I was astounded by how massive this “park” actually is… I remember taking a stroll through it with my friends my freshman year of high school, we took a couple of pictures and thought ‘well, that’s it, we’ve seen Central Park.’

How ridiculous and naive of me…

I had to Google it just now to find the actual acreage of it and again I was blown away. 843 acres with 58 miles of walking paths, 9,000 park benches and 26,000 trees.


All in the middle of New York City. It seems a little impossible, but I’ve got the pictures to prove it!


My love and I…



We entered the park right next to Trump Tower.

{Any Apprentice fans out there? I know we were just a little excited to see this building!}



Entering in…






A little bride and groom having portraits taken – you know I had to snap one myself!












Some people can’t just have their picture taken. They have to perform a trick worthy of a picture instead…




Celebrating his Polish heritage:




Here we are sitting at the top of the little “castle” pictured above:




Can you really blame me?



It was windy and we were trying to take advantage of it in pictures… instead of “windy” though, it just came out “dorky”!



Nick, bank robber, or Survivor Man?




There goes Survivor Man jumping off a cliff again…




This has to be the longest bench I’ve ever seen – it goes MUCH further than you can see here – maybe a mile even(?)



Is it me, or do we look like crime suspects in a lot of these photos?

Here I am, caught red-headed (!) breaking an entering:

IMG_6031 IMG_6015




Of course we didn’t make it through hardly a fourth of the park and we only walked by the zoo. I’ve said it once about the city, and I’ll say it again: We’ll be back! 


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  1. hahah jumping up into the arch-totally something my husband would do : )
    the park is gorgeous! i had no idea it was THAT big! crazy!

  2. i love all your pictures. the first (and only) time i went to Central Park, we just walked in and walked out. a ton of those pictures you took have been backdrops in so many movies and TV shows. i'll have to take a closer if i ever visit again.

  3. 1. If you guys were all bundled up, I'm thinking that bride was CUH. RAY. ZEE.
    2. Is the little stone arch where Nick was being a monkey the same one that Miss Piggy chased that purse robber guy through on her roller skates? I think perhaps...
    3. Love all the flowers and the beautiful trees. You guys were there at the perfect time, it seems.
    4. Now I want to go!

  4. you two are so stinkin' cute!

  5. Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing all your great pictures and taking us along on your NYC vacay/Central Park adventure. The colors are amazing. You have a great camera.

  6. great pics! I've been to NY twice and have only made it through a 1/4 of Central Park, I swear. Its so big!!! I love all the cool bridges and benches everywhere!!

  7. Love the first pic and love your UGGs. I want them in grey!

  8. I never wanted to visit NY, but after looking at your pictures I may have to put it on my list! Very cute :)

  9. I'm loving your NYC recap! You and the hubs are looking adorable as always!

  10. I love all your pictures!! I always pose crazy in photos too, makes for fun ones afterwards. :)

  11. I love your picts of NYC Central Park, I wanna go now! and can I just say and I mean this in the most sincere and your hubby are nuts LOL its awesome that as adults we can still kid around and act crazy. Love it! Have a great rest of the week!

  12. It looks like y'all had so much fun! I went to NYC for the first time earlier this year, but it was for work and I didn't get to do much sightseeing. I would love to go back and give it a real go-around!

  13. I just love your short hair! So cute!

  14. so freakin' cute! i haven't been to new york in like three years and all your updates have me dying to go back!

  15. I love that your husband is a good sport and into your tomfoolery! I'm going to start adopting your crazy pose picture idea because I hate to see myself in pictures. At least I'd get a good laugh later.

  16. that last picture of the trees is fuh-realz amazing

  17. Beautiful photos! First, your hubs reminds me of Justin Timberlake a little with that hat on... Second, some trivia for you. That building on Central Park West with the 2 towers rising up... that's the San Remo... it's where Bono lives and at least when I lived there, so did the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Hope you had fun!

  18. It looks like you all had so much fun! :) I like your hat, is it from Target? I have the same one in off-white. :)

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