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Friday, January 02, 2009


I've attached a little slideshow to give you a glimpse into the book I created for my parents and gave to them for Christmas. It's called "The Dye Family; From Humble Begginnings" and contains pictures of my family from the very very very beginning - lots and lots of scanned pictures, mostly in chronological order starting with photos from my parents' dating years, through their wedding, honeymoon, anniversaries, then Melissa's baby pics and mine, lots of sister pictures and pics of us as kids up until I was around age 6 or 7.

It's the first in a series of photo books I'd like to make to preserve our family pictures and memories. I had been working on this one since my parents left for their 2 week vacation out west in October. I snuck in their house and stole lots of old pictures so I could get to scanning already. I can't wait to make a book from pictures that don't have to be scanned - lots of time saved and will be much better quality as well (as you may see on some of the photos that are "speckled" or "orange washed" with age and the developing skills of the olden days).

The website I made it on is called Scrapblog. It's a pretty cool place to make lots of different things with you pictures. I've also used Photoworks in the past to make a book for Nick on our 2 year anniversary back in the day. It's almost been another 2 years in March and time to get to making an updated book!

I hope you'll enjoy this look back. Just click the play button and it should start. If it happens to go too fast for you, you can always hit pause at the bottom left to stop on one of the pages. Sorry it's so small! The book was 12"x8", so you can imagine that it was much easier to see in person.

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