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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

...or "May Prosperity Be With You!" in this Chinese New Year moving on from the Rat to the Ox in 2009.What a coincidence that I'm finally posting my New Year's pics the day after Chinese New Year.

We've been through a lot with Nick's *new* computer recently, and since his laptop was the one set up compatible with the camera these pics were on, I'd put off blogging this post since I had no idea how to work the technical magic of connecting the camera to a different computer. Plus we had hope his laptop would be fixed soon, but alas, our hope has diminished. Thanks to Nick, the pics have finally made it to the blog. SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU, HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2009!

Our night started out at Kristen (my ex-preceptor) and her husband Charlie's place in Pikeville where a rockin 70's theme party was happening.

Nick & I on Kris's indoor swing. A super cool idea that I'm sure I'll have to steal someday for my own.

Jenny, me & Elizabeth. They were super decked our with the era's finest in fur vests and glittered up dresses. I, however, just wore some clothes from my closet that had a 70's feel... I did my best.

Kris, the hostess with the mostess in the middle.
Of course, we're imitating Charlie's Angels.

Not sure if we were still being Charlie's Angels here or if we were coming down with disco-fever?

After hanging out for a while, we party hopped over to the YMCA where our church was celebrating. We finished the night up with lots of basketball, chasing little kids around, and watching the ball drop while sitting around on ellipticals and treadmills in the work-out room.

By 12:30 a.m. we packed it back in to celebrate at home with the puppy for a few minutes before falling in bed exhausted
. Seems our married status has changed us from raging-party-maniacs into early-to-bedders. Except that we never were the former, but now, definitely are the latter.

We had fun and had a great start to 2009


  1. GONG XI FA CHAI.....Wishing you and your family a "Happy and Prosperous New Year"

    Obama is an OX...maybe good tiding is on the way...fingerscrossed...we need to believe somehow...and OBAMA is the CHANGE.

    Best regards,

    Robert Lau

  2. Yeah! It's like a late assignment that finally got turned in! Guess that's the preceptor in me talking. Fun Blog!
    Charlie's Angel


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