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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Dude, I can't believe it's been over a week since I've posted. Even bigger DUDE, I really don't have much of anything to share, no pictures, no real news. All has been quiet on the home front (except for Nick jamming out to Rock Band II as he is at this exact moment while I grin and bare it and decided to blog since the TV is being held captive... I got this loud obnoxious gift for him for his birthday... say it with me, people... WHAT WAS I THINKING?!)

I should have started back to my rotation this past Monday, but at this point, the only schedule I've been given is to be in Lebanon, VA every Thursday with SMTW_FS completely free. I would understand if you had a just a hint of jealousy about my predicament.

Seriously, SERIOUSLY, luck has this way of hunting me down and attaching to my forehead so that I just get picked for all these ridiculous blessings that I never have or will deserve. God has SPOILED me - must remember, to whom much is given, much is expected. Gotta keep that in mind....

Back to the point, this is a research type of rotation with coal miners and others beginning a tobacco cessation program that I will have a hand in helping them out with. I will put together charts and data and a little presentation in the end showing how effective or ineffective treatment was for the 5 weeks I'm on the case. At this point, I will be training and only seeing patients, like I said, on Thursdays.

So anyway, with all this downtime, I've really got to work on my New Year's Resolution of catching up on the Zzzzz's.


That wasn't one of my resolutions?

Oops. Maybe I should go back and edit that post because I have got some MAJORLY nice sleep lately. Another big DUDE, it's nice to be unemployed for the moment (though a paycheck would really come in handy right about now).

Actual resolution progress... a bit of bible study, a bit of pharmacy study, LOTS of working out, and no healthy eating what-so-ever. I believe "baby steps" and "one day at a time" have become my motto lately. The working out has been pretty easy so far with that whole not-having-to-be-anywhere-at-anytime schedule I'm on right now. The dog and I go to a local hiking trail for about an hour and a half each day - then we both come home and collapse. I park my, on the verge of getting toned though still a little bit mushy, tush on the sofa with my laptop and he curls up and sleeps for hours after our enjoyable, semi-frigid, walks.

On a final note, little Hendrix will be undergoing surgery tomorrow (the kind that will keep us from becoming "grandparents" anytime soon). So if you're in the habit of praying for those on the lower end of the food-chain, however non-important it may seem, we in this little family would really appreciate you mentioning our pup in your chat with God, asking that all will go smoothly.

Here's hoping that I will continue to have absolutely nothing to blog about. It has been quite a relaxing, non-eventful week. I would love to enjoy another one.

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