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Monday, January 26, 2009

25 to Suffer Through

I'd been tagged to do this on facebook, but I would rather put it on the blog. I don't know 25 people... so if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. (Yes, Kara, I totally copied and pasted that from your own "25 Things" post. It perfectly explained my exact same situation. Lord forgive me for stealing.)

(#1) Given name: Stephanie Michelle. Origin: My dad wanted a boy, Stephen Michael, but he got me, thus the feminine alterations. Namesakes: Stephen, my dad's older brother and Michael, my dad's name. BUT what did my dad start calling me at birth and ever since - Steph Marie. We have no clue why and they even mulled over possibly officially changing my middle name when I was a baby, but no dice. Still Stephanie Michelle, still referred to as Stephanie Marie.

(#2) Nick and my first encounter was actually freshman year at Georgetown College. We both took the class "Freshman Seminar". My mom made me sign up for the class which I had deemed useless. Thanks, mom! Nick and I briefly sparked - he was a good sport and watched Legally Blonde, Moulin Rouge, and other chic flicks until he couldn't take it anymore =) Actually we remained friends and didn't date until Junior year when I was at UK and he was still at G-town. Weird road we went down.

(#3) Shortly after meeting Nick in freshman seminar, I told my friend that I thought blonde hair and blue eyes were "my type". Girls with crushes say such silly things.

(#4) I "need" the pillowcases on the bed to be arranged just so - the opening that you slide the pillow into the pillow-case must be facing the edge of the bed, if that makes any sense.

(#5) I like my red hair. NEVER ever did I despise it. Got teased, laughed along. I love changing the shade of red, but I want it red. I was going for subtle blonde highlights in December and the beautician covered me in blonde. I am biting at the bit to buy a box of red haircolor right now, but since it cost so much to get it highlighted barely over a month ago, I'm going to let it ride out as a blonde until the roots are too much - then it's fire truck red again, baby!

(#6) Addicted to chapstick. I mostly prefer Carmex. There is a tube in my make-up bag, on my nightstand, in my purse, on the coffee table, by the eliptical, in my coat pocket, in the car... I make sure I'm never caught without it.

(#7) I have NO CLUE how Nick puts up with me. Or how anyone does it for that matter.

(#8) I'd love to have 4 kids. Nick wants 2. We've compromised at 3. We know God's plans are not our own. But it's fun to pretend we can plan these things.

(#9) I can't (but CANandWILL!) wait to experience pregnancy. I am in awe of this miracle. I once thought I wanted to be an OB-GYN. I was naive and knew nothing of the dedication and hours I'm not willing to commit to. Pharmacy is a much better fit for Steph Marie!

(#10) While I'm in awe, I don't think I want to experience it as many times as I want children. Plus there are so many children out there who need a loving home. I plan to adopt and Nick's on board as well. Can't wait to look back on these little words in a decade and see what pans out.

(#11) As random as I normally am, this is getting difficult!

(#12) I'm an awkward person. It stems from my early dorkiness and my huge growth spurts without hardly in weight gain in early life, leaving me leaps and bounds taller than my classmates, gangly arms and legs I didn't know how to control, and hunching over to fit in better. Gaining a few hundreds pounds helped a bit, but I will always be awkward. I embrace it.

(#13) I use to just KNOW I would be famous one day. Again, naivety. I am thankful, now, that I didn't chase such. It doesn't seem to make for the lovely life that I enjoy now. I would definitely miss being nobody.

(#14) I've danced since I was at least 5 years old, maybe earlier. Ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, and then dance team in high school. I wasn't good - too awkward to be a good dancer. But, dude, do I love to dance. I dance all over the house, and thank goodness I found a husband that will break into spontaneous dance sessions with me. I love our moments dancing!

(#15) Paranoia. Of sounds, of being alone, of strangers, the fear is constant. I try not to let it affect me and it doesn't stop me. But it is there. A huge reason I sleep with the fan going even during the winter, it drowns out the weird sounds that would keep me up in the middle of the night if I heard them. SuchafreakIknow.

(#16) My heart's a little tender. Often, I wear it on my sleeve. Animals and the mistreatment of them or their poor fortune can throw me into lots of tears. I DO NOT CRY AT MOVIES - seriously. The exception: Marley & Me a few weeks ago. Darned dogs.

(#17) I love music. LoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLoveLove music. Lots of genres. I especially love the classics, if the radio is on, it's usually an oldies station.

(#18) Phew, are you still reading this junk?

(#19) Nick and I would love to travel. Europe especially. Next on my list after Europe, probably some type of African safari. Then China- the Great Wall! Japan sounds cool. Indonesia. And of course, just exploring our great United States.

(#20) I plan on taking care of a part of the urge to explore with mission work. A cross between aid through my pharmacy degree and Christian ministry. Good for the physical body and the soul!

(#21) I'm really taking an interest in decorating lately. Must come with age and the recent house hunting adventure. I think decorating on a budget seems more fun than the unlimited budget. Call me crazy, but there's nothing more invigorating than a great find for the $. is pretty fun for some of that as well.

(#22) I pray for forgiveness, patience, wisdom and the souls of my family and friends constantly. They are my top prayer requests.

(#23) My mom told me long ago, probably around the age of 10, to pray for a Christian husband that would live the life we are guided to live. I did, and God answered my prayers. I love my husband.

(#24) I am not afraid of color. Not in my clothes, the paint on my walls, or the red on my Kitchenaid mixer. You can keep your beige. We haven't even looked at houses yet, and still I'm agonizing over which room I can paint a shade of turquoise. My new favorite color that I own nothing in and use to have no interest in.

(#25) It's almost 12 am and I'm watching a Grey's Anatomy re-run at the moment. (I'm "scheduling" this post to appear for a different time of day if you're confused.) The dog is chewing on his rawhide bone beside my feet. Nick has already gone to bed. Without going to work everyday during Christmas break and then this awesome rotation, I've hit a bad habit of staying up late and sleeping even later. I really don't like it, but I'm not fighting it, and Hendrix is loving it. But now I'm signing off. Bless you, if you made it this far!

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  1. I SO understand about the pillows!! I thought I was the only one!


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