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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

rain, rain, go away


This chilly, dreary day makes me so thankful we took full advantage of the *perfect* fall weather we had this weekend with a trip to the park. It’s not easy packing all the essentials for baby and man’s best friend, but we soldiered on and ended up enjoying the time with our little family on a blanket by the lake.



and speaking of soldiering on for the greater good…


Guess who slept in his crib for the very first time last night?!



It was a roaring success! Momma was relieved and pleased that I was able to put him down awake and let him go to sleep on his own with no tears - from either of us. When I have a little more experience under my belt, {like, more than one night…}, I’ll let you know what worked for us and what didn’t.

That means book reviews!

One I loved, one I despised, and one that just came in the mail today and that I can’t wait to get started on.



Happy Hump Day!


PS – Please do not worry about my child and his crib bumpers! They will be taken down as soon as he shows signs of becoming a roly-poly. I have some great breathable mesh bumpers already purchased just for that occasion =)


  1. He is so adorable!!! Such a big boy sleeping in his crib! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. I love that you made an outing to the park with both of your children! Congrats on making the transition to his room. He is growing up so quickly!

  3. I, too, despised BABY WISE. We really love the Baby Whisperer and used it often. However, we used bits and pieces from several books, including Dr. Sears.

  4. oh girl, I am with you on baby wise!! I did like their basic schedule suggestions, but everything else was awful. I tried reading baby wise two and nearly chucked it into our fireplace ;) when you need books about parenting toddlers, I'm your girl, I think I've read them all!!

  5. He really is so cute and that's awesome he didn't cry when you put him to bed in his crib for the first time!

  6. L-O-V-E Happiest Baby On The Block...HATE Baby torturous to those sweet babies!

  7. Oh yes, babywise was NOT my style. And it wasn't my daughter's style at all either, she just doesn't have that structured of a personality. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who didn't like it :) We also really liked the baby whisperer! It does seem like you take bits and pieces from several books and make it work for you!

  8. Glad you were able to enjoy a day at the park!

  9. Good job having him sleep in his crib! I still have our daughter in a bassinet in our room. I don't know why, but I'm having the hardest time with transferring her to her room.

    I have another recommendation for you, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Loved it and it really worked for us. Our baby has been sleeping 8-10 hours a night since about 9 weeks. Amazing!

  10. I have commented on your blog before but wanted to tell you again how much I've enjoyed following along and you've actually helped a little ol' stranger like me! I followed your anonymous blog and bought the Clearblue Ovulation tester after months of TTC like yourself. It worked first month just like you said! Amazed. Then we found out we are also having a sweet baby boy, so I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed your posts and advice. Being a first time mom {and err....totally clueless} I am soaking in every bit of advice so keep them coming! It's nice that you post opinion on Baby Wise too and let me know there are other options out there because lately I've felt like friends have shoved BabyWise down my throat and it's "THE ONLY WAY!" Look forward to your future book reviews. Know everyone and every baby is different but it helps to see other options and ideas. Thanks again for your great posts and blessings to you and your cute baby boy! :)
    Sandi from SC

  11. And with that, I'm off to buy the book you can't wait to read. I read both the other books you mentioned and took some from both books. It did NOT make sense to me at all that you could get a baby on a schedule that early (BabyWise) and Happiest Baby was great, but I didn't need it that much because (fortunately!) I had/have a very happy baby! Now, why not add one more book to my reading list, especially since we're dealing with some slight sleep issues over here! :)

  12. Also? Love that pic of your sweet munchkin in his CRIB! Yay for both of y'all! LOVE those crib bumpers by the way! :) (We have them too)

  13. What a fun outing at the park!
    I'm so glad he slept well in his crib. That's great news!


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