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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

catching up at 5 weeks


After this post, I *think* I’ve decided to begin doing mini-posts with random thoughts and pictures from the day on a quasi-daily basis. If this blog had a mission statement, a huge part of that mission statement would be to serve the purpose of keeping our dearest memories preserved and to share them with those we love. If I waited till I have a block of time carved out for me to do the long drawn-out posts I love anymore, it will all be forgotten… because it will be 3 years from now… and the dishwasher that I’ve been attempting to load for the last 6 hours will probably still be waiting as well.

Keeping a 5 week old fed, in dry diapers, and happy… well that my dear friends, is a full-time job. I no longer wonder what could be so time-consuming about being a stay at home mom and why they don’t skip merrily about volunteering hither and yonder with all of their free time.


What free time?!


{Glad to see someone around here has some free time…}



{P.S. I never really thought that about SAHMs…}

{and my child isn’t even walking yet… or making messes with toys and solid foods… and still only requires a bath about every third day… and doesn’t ask to be read a favorite book 30 times a day… and… and... and… God help me if this stage is suppose to be the easiest!}



Thus we stand, 5 weeks in, struggling to figure out motherhood while melting with every sweet facial expression and sound that comes out of my precious tiny one. Yes, even the “toots” are sounds I love. Not that I melt over them, but they are cute nonetheless.

{Though maybe I could melt from the noxious smells at times.}



Here’s what Houston is up to at 5 weeks old:

He’s eating! Around the clock! And by around the clock I mean look at a clock, imagine the big hand and the little hand at any position you want and then say to yourself, it’s __:__ time, Houston must be hungry… and then you can start to imagine our day around here and why I feel like an old heffer when you combine my milk producing with the pesky pregnancy weight that keeps hanging around my mid-section and thighs. But that will just melt away on it’s own, right? No worries. ;)



If he’s not eating, he’s getting his diaper changed. {All that food has to go somewhere, right?}

He LOVES spending time on his changing table! He’ll lay there after all is finished and contently look around with those big, alert eyes. A place where he use to scream 90% of the time is now becoming a place where he does most of his smiling. I am a pure SUCKER for those smiles!! I probably spent a good 30 minutes yesterday standing in front of the changing table with my honkin’ huge camera in hand trying to coerce him to smile. Which he did probably 10 times and which I only caught the tail end of each and every one.

Even thought I can’t show you yet, I promise he smiles the biggest, cheesiest grins that take up his whole face and his eyes get in on the act and squish up into little upside down smiles that leave you waiting with baited breath for the giggle you just know is hiding behind that grin - which will eventually bubble out of him one day soon and leave mommy in a puddle of love on our floor. I have taken at least a couple hundred pictures trying to catch that illusive grin on film!



Our baby boy is awake much of the day now and sleeps sweetly at night, only waking up for a diaper change and to eat, which can range from every 2-4 hours. I am so thankful for this blessing! Even though I’m up often, he goes back down pretty quickly, sometimes never hearing one peep of a cry at night, only a tiny bit of fussing. We haven’t had to walk the floors with him trying to get him back to sleep just yet. May that last forever and ever!

{This is all a stark opposite of our first night at home with our bundle of joy… one I can safely call the worst night of my life followed by an almost as terrible day. I’ll be telling that story soon. I believe Nick and I thought we were about to hunker down in the trenches for the worst parenthood experience ever. Thankfully, it was just those 24 hours!}

His little personality is shining through a bit more with each passing day. While I won’t say that “I can’t wait” to see more of that personality and the next new thing he will do – because I can wait and I will not wish this time away – I am looking forward to the rest of my life with this little guy and the new things I’m learning from him every day.


3 weeks old – funny pic of dad straightening up his head =) :




4 weeks old:




5 weeks old!:






  1. Precious. Just precious. Thank you for taking time out from soaking it up to share it with us. (Is it ok if I say precious again? Because he really is!)

  2. OMG, he's just so cute! Give yourself another week or so and you'll start to feel like you're getting in a good routine hopefully. You're doing a great job!

  3. You're doing a great job momma! Little guy looks like his mom I think.. Sorry hubby!

  4. love it! Mine are 3 weeks and I love "looking ahead" through your blog! Looks like you are doing a great job momma!!~

  5. he is PRECIOUS. I can't believe he's five weeks old already! I feel like it was just a few days ago that I was reading about his birth here on your blog.


    Check out McKeever's blog. She is a new Mom, works full-time as a teacher, crafts all the time and keeps up her blog. Her posts are short but you get the feeling that you are able to keep up with Grayson's milestones and her family. So maybe don't stress about having to do long posts.

    Houston is gorgeous. Congrats again.


  7. Love this post and it's great to know you are enjoying this time with your sweet boy even though I'm sure there are some trying times as well. He is just adorable!

  8. So cute! I love the bunny pictures.

  9. Houston is such a cute little tiny, perfect baby! I wanted to let you know that the first 4-5 months were by far the hardest adjustment for us. My little one slept horribly and I was always exhausted. She was not a really easy baby but, after a while it got easier. All that to say I can totally relate:)

  10. I just want to squeeze him!!! So cute!!

    I don't know if it motherhood gets easier or you just get used to it :)

  11. he's getting so big! and I appreciate your honesty...I can't imagine the challenges we are in for as our little one arrives so soon, but having bloggers out there who share their struggles definitely makes me feel better already!

  12. It honestly took me about 6 months before I took a breath after I had Sam. (Sounds like you're progressing much more nicely than I did!) And honestly it wasn't was ME! But I can remember the first day that I didn't have constant anxiety about EVERYTHING and I thought, "Hey...I can do this!" It's a wonderful feeling. It's nice to see that you have your perspective straight. :)

  13. He is so cute!

    It is not the easiest phase. Every phase is different.....stressful, joyful, relaxing, and crazy in their own ways.

  14. He is too precious. I cannot wait for this!

  15. I love the pictures at the end! :) so prec.. Little squishy one! Kiss that babe for me!

  16. Love the pictures, I'm so glad everything's going well for you guys!

  17. Your little boy is just precious! And His nursery is adorable!
    Hey I am a new follower and blogger! Would love for you to check out my blog!

  18. randomly found your blog and im loving it!! new follower!!

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