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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

7 weeks of baby love

It’s naptime… which means it’s blogger time!

I’m loving these video monitors we finally set up and learned how to use this week in preparation for a possibly soon transition at night from pack n’ play to crib!!

Momma, a.k.a. sole care taker of the babe during the night, could definitely use your prayers on this one =)




At 7 weeks it’s not just about what baby did new today, but what mommy and daddy did new as well. We are happilly living and learning through trial and error and growing as parents day by day. Yeah, there is that cute little babe that’s growing like a weed and learning new things like every hour, but I’m making this weekly update more about the parents.

Because I’m shallow like that.

…and because if both you and I learn from my big fat failures, that makes me actually feel a little successful, ya see?


{It won’t be a completely self-centered post as the pictures will be only of that cute little man I’m neglecting to talk much about today and not my ugly mug. Win-win.}


How has it already been 7 weeks?!



What mom and dad have learned here lately:

  • There are a million and one ways to raise a child. There is also a book written for almost each and every one of those million and one ways. You will probably read more than one of these books before you choose your own style of parenting… so buy used, like on Amazon where used books can be really really cheap. Then when you don’t like the book at all, you don’t feel so bad about the waste of money - and because diapers are expensive and you sure as heck don’t want to buy those used. ;)




  • With a little one, sometimes just getting out and going to Sam’s Club, the park or a friend’s house is a gigantic learning experience in itself. Like how to breastfeed on the go, how to fit everything you need in the shopping cart plus a baby in a carseat, and to always ALWAYS keep extra diapers in the car – which has come in handy twice already… thanks for the good advice, mom!



  • Take any help you can get. Because it will be 5:00, your husband will be on his way home, there will be nothing ready for dinner, the house will be a mess, the dog will be begging to be walked, you will smell like garbage from desperately needing a shower and you’ll wonder where in the world the time went today.




  • When you start to stress out about it all, make a mental list of what’s most important at the moment and start there. Thinking about whether this will seem so important to you years from now {or even weeks from now} helps to put things in perspective as well. I’m guessing being weeks behind on thank you notes and mailing out birth announcements won’t still bother me a couple years from now???


6 weeks picture with Peter Rabbit:



  • Your significant other is your best friend. You are in this crazy, fun ride called parenthood together. Learn together, share your thoughts and feelings, help each other out, lighten up and most definitely have a good laugh about it all. You two will be the only ones who will share many of these wonderful memories of your little one for the rest of your lives. It’s easy to lose each other between diapers changes and feedings and trying to catch a few winks. Take the time, reconnect. A healthy, happy marriage will make for healthy, happy children! {and a healthy, happy YOU!}


7 weeks:



Now with just a couple hundred more nap times, I might finally get that birth story typed up before I forget some details.

Which means it should be finished some time around his 1st birthday! ;)



  1. Oh so true!!! Each one.

    The 7 week photo is just too cute!!

  2. He is so adorable! And while I am not expecting a little one of my own for a lonngg time, it's great to read what others have learned so that I can learn for the future!

  3. Thanks for sharing your learning experience. Love having all the advice I can get my hands on!

  4. He's so cute! Don't worry, people seem to be very forgiving about late thank you notes and birth announcements.

  5. Great post. Such good advice! My husband and I are newlyweds so babies won't be happening any time thaaaat soon, but it's good to learn about now anyways : ) And, I'm a nanny to a 5 month old who screamed the entire day and I came home telling my husband I don't think I'll ever be a good mom...this made me feel a little better knowing it's not easy for anyone : ) Thanks!! I love reading your blog and your baby is adorable.

  6. Girl, my first born will be five weeks old tomorrow so I can relate on all fronts! It is such a learning experience, but is so amazing!! Looks like you all are doing great with parenting. We actually put our son, William, in his crib at four weeks old and he sleeps SO MUCH BETTER!! And, honestly, so do we! Not that my husband has missed much sleep...I am the lone ranger in the night as gets lonely occasionally, but maybe this will make our sons "mommy's boys." I hope so! :)

  7. I just cried reading this. I have a one week old and many of the things you mentioned have been stressing us out in just this week. This post re-affirmed that EVERY new parent goes through this.

    Thank you.

  8. I can so remember those first few weeks! Enjoy! They grow up fast! And I have to say he is so STINKIN' cute!

  9. Houston just keeps getting more precious by the minute, thank you so much for sharing your parenting experience, I've been taking notes and learning! I had a quick question about your baby monitor I'm on the search for one and I wanted to see how you like yours. thanks

  10. He is so ridiculously sweet! I love when they are this little!


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