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Monday, September 27, 2010

Ginny’s 25th Mustache Bash!


I’m a little late as usual, but I just couldn’t leave y’all without this image of me and my new facial hair:



Don’t ya love it?!

It’s all the rage right now.

Just check out this hot chica with her own rockin’ stache…



I’m sure you all recognize Brit and Dave. They are some of the most fashion forward people I know – that’s how I just KNEW I had to do something about getting my own mustache too.



Don’t believe any of that nonsense? You shouldn’t. We were all wearing mustaches for our friend Ginny’s surprise 25th birthday party.

Because that’s what you do at a birthday party, right?!



No, the mustaches aren’t part of some inside joke – just a harebrained idea Brit came up with for a hilarious “theme” to the party =)

If you’ve never had a bunch of  people at one party slap on a ton of sticky mustaches, you would never know that this simple act leads to uncontrollable giggling all night long. OR that it’s difficult to keep your self adhesive mustache on when your face is constantly contorted in laughter.

Some of the mustache decor:



The pink banner had different nicknames on it for a mustache – lip spinach, face fungus, soup strainer, misplaced eyebrow…



50 bonus points if you can name all of the mustaches on the poster!!



10 bonus points if you can tell which food’s name card I misspelled BIG time and ended up catching crap for it all night long ;)



I love how the banner was perfected by it’s own self-adhesive mustache.




Somehow, Christina and I were deemed “more disgusting” by the boys because of the realistic color of our ‘staches compared to our hair. What do they know about women’s mustaches?!…



Nick found it difficult to even kiss me without bringing back up his “shimp” cocktail – ha!



See? Uncontrollable laughter just from looking at each other.



I just had to throw this one in there: How cute is this pumpkin shaped cheese ball Lucy made??



Andrew, Ginny’s boyfriend and co-conspirator on the surprise party.

Though I feel more like his name should be Mario or Luigi for some reason…



All was quiet when we saw Ginny pull up and we waited for her to come in – it was actually pitch dark except for the flash of my camera here.






Ginny really didn’t know what to think and she was truly surprised. No faking it here. She had just got home from work and was on the phone with her aunt telling her how tired she was and was ready to just pass out in bed!

Oops! Sorry, Gin-Gin, no can do – there’s a party waiting for you!

Thank goodness she’s the sweetest, good natured girl I know and put her best face forward for the party!!





Gin got to change out of her scrubs – has there ever been a prettier birthday girl??

Ginny and her sister, Lucy:







We surprised Ginny with this party on Friday, September 17th and her actual birthday wasn’t until the next Thursday, September 23rd. And I’m just NOW getting around to blogging about it!

Happy belated birthday, Gin-Gin!!


{Think this was late? Wait till I finally get around to writing about my girl’s trip to Charleston, SC back around Labor Day weekend. Sheesh, I’m a slacker! Don’t hold your breath for that one…}


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  1. I totally wanted to do a mustache bash as a summer get together, but no one liked the idea like I did :(

  2. We JUST had a mustache party for a friend of mine. Out of control reeeeally fast!

  3. too cute!! shimp...I always mispell things and I'm pretty anal about spell checking but for some reason it happens..

    I think you pretty ladies rock the mustache btw..

  4. This is sooooooo fun!! Great decorations and great idea.


  5. Too cute! What a fun birthday idea :) & that shimp looked mighty tasty :)

  6. this is just hilarious!!! I love the idea! and all of your pictures!

  7. Seriously awesome theme, I love it. And SHIMP - that is sooooo something I would do! You and your friends are just gorgeous...and fun! Great combo.

  8. What a fun idea for a party!! It looks like everyone had a blast and the pictures of you and the other girls with the mustaches made me laugh so hard!

  9. How fun! This looked like a great birthday!

  10. So cute! I am having Mr. Man and Little Miss Priss theme for my twins 2nd birthday and I am doing lots of mustache decor for my son! What a fun party! Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. That looks like so much fun! I love themed parties.

    You're gorgeous, even with a 'stache, and look at those eyelashes!

    That puppy is so sweet, I love little pugs :)

  12. Looks like y'all had a great time! I love the super fun party theme :)

  13. haha! Ive never heard of this kinda party but it looks hiliarious! What a great surprise for your friend!

  14. I just came across your blog and I think I might just follow along, as long as you don't mind!! What a neat party idea!! I have never heard of such a party!

    I have a blog of my own at:

  15. This post absolutely CRACKED me up! Hilarious!

  16. now THAT is an original surprise party!!! Great pics! :)

    have a great week!

  17. What a great party idea! It looks like you had a blast.

  18. This is the best thing ever!! This made me bust out laughing for real!


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