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Monday, October 11, 2010

vaccination retaliation



I finally got my revenge. My revenge for years under my parents’ roof, being told what to do, forcing me to keep good grades, keeping me from slacking off and maintaining a grueling study schedule through out years of undergrad and then pharmacy school.

{Okay – that last “grueling study schedule” comment – a total joke.}

My revenge was to sweetly immunize my mom with protection against influenza.

What a great daughter I am!



Doesn’t my mom look a little apprehensive?



My dad took these pictures and he DID NOT let me give him a flu shot.

Meaning I’ll have to plan something different for him…


{my evil laugh.}



Study hard children – you’ll get your revenge one day!!


I’ve been gone for a while, not due to blogger’s block since I have a list of things I want to show and tell… but for pure lack of motivation. Life has been busy, with work and social time and I am truly enjoying it. Every moment in down time has been devoted to cuddling with my sweetie and SLEEP!

I apologize for my absence and intend to hit this blog up with several posts very soon. Stay tuned =)


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P.S. – Have you got your flu shot yet??! If not, I know some eager beaver Meijer pharmacists that would love to help you out…


  1. I was wondering where you'd been! We get our flu shots at work Thursday.

  2. I'm getting mine on the 20th! I don't usually get it but they're offering it for free through my work so I figured why not..?

  3. Love this! (Between me and you I hate giving flu shots)

  4. Ha ha that's awesome!!

    Thanks for the reminder to get my flu shot, LOL...

  5. Haha so cute :)

    If you have a minute...come check out my give-away! IT ends on's super cute! :)

  6. Better you than me! I got squeamish just looking at your pictures!

  7. Got mine last girl is up next! On the 29th. And yes, momma looks a little apprehensive, but I would assume it was because of that GIANT sh*t-eatin' grin on your face!!!! LOL. YOu crack me up....happy to see you back at it.

  8. OMG tooooo funny!! Love the fact that you have pictures! your blog (and your name...just sayin')!

  9. love it! hilarious :)

    i nominated you for an award on my blog :) check it out when you have a second!


  10. That pic of your mom staring at you is priceless! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  11. I would like to say I don't appreciate the pictures showing me in flip flops without an explanation. I broke my leg at the ankle in June and was unable to put on a regular shoe. I look like a redneck anyway but those shoes had a purpose. By the way the shot did not hurt and she did not need any coaching to study. She did it all on her own.

  12. I never get mine, but now that I'm actually working in the medical field, I think they are forcing us to get them at my office :-/

    The pics are hilarious.. good revenge ;)


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