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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Oh, the places you’ll go, iPhone!


I can hardly remember life without a cell phone or a digital camera handy. In fact, I’m convinced the memories I do have are mostly due to what pictures I have of those moments. If I’d lived 100 years ago, I probably would have trouble recalling what we did last week. But thanks to the digital age, my memories are well preserved, not only for me but for the unlucky few that read this blog and are subjected to them ;)

Thank goodness for the camera phone era! Our Canon Rebel can be a little tricky  to haul around conveniently and safely while on the go and our smaller cameras are already aging and malfunctioning and most likely will not be replaced anytime soon. Who needs ‘em anyway when you have the rebel for the quality pictures, the cell phone camera when you’re on the go, and a sweet little webcam to take picures of yourself while you’re blogging:

Wait… who’s actually typing these posts?!



That nifty little camera phone has taken enough pictures in the past week that even these collages I made, so not to overload you and your computer, don’t include even a tenth of them all!

In case you missed it in the past or never really realized just where I’m blogging from, here’s a little hint…

We’re in Kentucky, y’all!

And you’re about to get a nice little dose of the Kentucky lifestyle today ;)

First up, the Kentucky State Fair held in Louisville, Kentucky.

Mom, Dad, Sister, Bro-in-law, Hubby, Hendrix and I all made it to the fair this year. Mom was raised in Louisville, so she actually use to work a hot-dog booth at the fair growing up (ha!). The rest of us had either never been or it had been many, many moons ago since.

Side story: A tiny, monogrammed necklace my grandparents bought me at the fair when I last went – at 5 years old – still hangs from the rearview mirror of my car =) I love it.

Back to our story.

There was MUCH to see around every corner:

Baby chicks hatching right before our very eyes {so sweet!}, miniature horses, the blue ribbon winning 977 lb. pumpkin and 224 lb. watermelon, and more cows, bulls, sheep, and GINORMOUS pigs than one would ever want to smell. That is, unless it was dinner time…



We also checked out the amazing cake competition. I don’t know how clear you can see these tiny pictures – but the cake beside the “rubber duckies” is actually the most amazing rendition of Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in icing. I think our jaws hit the floor!

state fair 3


We had such a great day passing our on personal judgments on the many competitions {ugliest lamp competitors pictured below}, items for sale, produce, livestock, and deep fried snickers bars =)

state fair 2 

Friday night, it was baseball time with the Roberts. Nick’s dad treated us to a Reds game where we got to hang out with him and Nick’s bro, Chad, as well. We took home a win and enjoyed the loveliest fireworks show after the game.

{Seriously – these were the best fireworks I’ve seen in a loooooong time – and I love when they coordinate them to some rockin’ tunes!}

reds game


We’ve had a great few weeks spending time with friends and family – I just had to share a few more randoms from the cell phone…

Like Mom and I trying on funny hats in cracker barrel…

or the picture of my parents and I in front of the picture wall in the basement…

or our friends Ginny and Andrew waiting in line with us for some greasy pizza gold at Goodfellows pizza in downtown Lexington…

Last but not least, who would leave out a picture of Ginny and I with the parking meter?!



and guess what…


Hope you’re surviving ;)


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  1. Wow I've never seen a Van Gogh Cake...I'm an art teacher and I must say now that is COOL!

  2. I love the collages you make! They are such a fun way to display all of your cute pictures....but by far my favorite picture is the first one of your CUTE pup!

  3. Have a great time! I want to go to that Fair! What fun! (Great pictures!)

  4. Cute pictures :) I too, wonder what I ever did without a camera!

  5. Looks like you had a great weekend!!
    All of those cakes are amazing.. and a fried snickers sounds amazing!

  6. Those cakes are AMAZING!!!! Hendrix is such a little cutie pie! We went to an Astros game in July & they had the best fireworks show I'd ever seen. Those MLB teams know how to do it right.

  7. How fun! I always try to lug my canon rebel around and its such a pain! I think its time I get an Iphone!

  8. I was at that game! It was mine and the kids first ever! I am posting my pics of fireworks Tuesday. Rick was rooting for the other team (tee hee) and I am a new baseball fan. :) Those fireworks were amazing!

  9. i went to the fair too and saw tim mcgraw (swooon!) ... gotta love the kentucky state fair! it's the greatest place in the world! PS... go cats! since the ul uk game is on saturday! whoop whoop!

  10. Fun post! I love it....and your puppy is SO adorable in that pic. Too he is the one with all the WIT! Ha!

  11. fun post! love all the pics! your puppy is TOOOOOO cute!

  12. Goodfellows is awesome, especially during a night out in Lex!

  13. what fun!! I love all the pictures...thanks for sharing.

  14. i LOVE the camera on my phone. i always have it around so it's so convenient to just grab when my other camera is not around or accessible!

  15. I love your puppy! My husband and I are trying to find one to rescue :) Found you through my friend and just entered the blogging world! Exciting! Stop by and visit us ;)

  16. Great recap! I love all of your pictures! And yes, the parking meter pic rocks!

  17. I love all the pics! What did you use to create the collages? Very nice =)

  18. The starry night cake is too cool! Very neat. And your dog? Totally adorable :)

  19. Just stopping by for the first time! We have the exact same anniversary! So fun!

  20. what an adorable little pup!!!!
    looks like you had a wonderful time!


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