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Monday, March 29, 2010

my eyelashes are starting their own blog

When life is going along without event {though it feels so good to have nothing going on or coming up} and March Madness turns into March SADness {oh UK... how you broke our hearts}, writer's block hits and you end up with a long overdue Q&A post.

I'll try not to bore you to tears but I just can't guarantee it.

Jumping right in:

LittleByrds asked: I have 2 more questions for you. 1) What color is your living room painted? and 2) is your bedskirt on your bed a set with the bedding or did you buy it separately and if so where?

I get more messages/emails about this one topic {the living room paint color} than any other questions combined.

Do you know how happy this makes me?!

Or how scared I was about choosing a blue, the right blue, for this room that took my mother-in-law and me days to paint? I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been game for a re-paint if it came out wrong...

So yeah, I ended up liking it - but did anyone else like it?
{and no, I'm not confident enough to show off my living room that everyone thinks looks some crazy/hideous shade of blue, even if I love it, thankyouverymuch.}

The fact that people ask me for the color makes me do a happy dance in my blue room, with the assumption they're asking because OTHER PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE MY COLOR CHOICE(!) I try not to think about the possibility that they're asking because they want to avoid this look at all costs when choosing a blue for their own home...
I just wrote all of that for this one simple answer: It's Twilight Blue from Valspar.

Now that you know, you may paint away OR avoid the hideousness. 

Now for the question about Nick's my big, girly, extra ruffly bedskirt.

I did not make it, it's semi-homemade. Or more like a poor attempt at being a seamstress.
Or a seam ripper.

Or good at using scissors to rip through a perfectly nice bedskirt.

To the point: the bedskirt that came with the bedding was too short. It is the top "ruffle" seen below. I ask you this: how in the heck were we supposed to hide the dust bunnies and the hair tumbleweeds that blow through this house and under the bed when our bedskirt didn't kiss the ground?!

We couldn't. And I can't bend over to clean under the bed more than twice annually or it might get too clean and I wouldn't recognize my own house... I'd wind up wondering the streets, lost, until I found a house as dirty as mine to call home.

{don't pay attention to the poor bed making skills here - I'm not use to cleaning OR bedmaking - which explains the sadness of the droopy pillows and wrinkly sheets - just keep your eyes on the bedskirt...}

With my MIL's very helpful suggestion, I ran out to Target, *avoided homelessness*, got this Shabby Chic Collection bedskirt that was made for a Queen bed, cut it down the middle, and stuffed the ripped "mattress part" of the bedskirt under the original bedskirt until it hung where it could kiss the ground like a good, well mannered bedskirt should. I hope that all made sense.

Did you know a Queen bed is just as long as a King bed, just not as wide? With the footboard, I didn't need that portion of the bedskirt, thus I saved money by buying the Queen size instead of the King size - in case you were wondering about that comment.

Did I just say bedskirt like... a bajillion times??

Tess: I have to ask, where is your couch from? I absolutely love it. I've seen it in a friends living room before, and loved it then (but it looks even better in your room! ;-)


Again, a scary, expensive decision that we dreaded making. When you're use to handy-me-down furniture and never having to choose, it's tough to sign the credit slip on a big purchase that may or may not look good once it's in your home.

Good news though - we love it - and at least one other person does too. Or even a couple more since our friends bought the same couch in a different color for their home!

We got it at Haverty's, here's the link to the specific sectional for brand information. Besides being happy with the look, we're VERY happy it's micro-fiber and great for cleaning up the accidents that happen from dirty paws and two adults who have a strong need to eat in front of the TV.

 Pictured here pre-wall art, pre-coffee table, pre-giant beloved blue and brown pillows.
Times were hard back then ;)

Courtney asked: what make-up do you use for your foundation/bronzer/cover up and your mascara? Or do you just have the longest eye-lashes known to man naturally? (Cause they're GORGEOUS!!!!)

Okay... I have to admit that I'm getting to the last question for today, and if I were you, I'd be gagging by now. The questions are so sweet and complimentative (a real word?). BUT, I'm NOT you, I'm me. AND I LOVE COMPLIMENTS!!! and I loooooooooooove my readers who bless me with them!

In addition, for those of you that might love to hate me: this should be a great post to add to your collection of "why I can't stand that girl". Though so far, you haven't been vocal about your hatred and I am so thankful for that! Keep quietly sticking pins in my voo-doo doll and I'll keep on acting oblivious to how much I annoy you :)
Back to Courtney's question - I have wanted to do a make-up favorites post forever, but I'm 100% sure you would be totally unimpressed with what you found.

For the most part, I'm a Covergirl kind of a gal. Even more so, I'm the girl buying all of my war-paint from Wal-mart and CVS. I love it all - it works, and it's cheap. I don't splurge on make-up because I buy far too much of it. I'd love to shop all of my make-up at MAC or Sephora, but I cringe at the prices.

I'm cheap AND so lame.

ANYWAY, my foundation is Covergirl "Clean" foundation. My cover-up is Physicians Strength Concealer - which I love for the fabulous coverage without caking it on - I really recommend this stuff, especially for under eyes.

My mascara, which I have been using and loving since high school, is Loreal Voluminous. I've tried almost every other mascara and just keep on coming back to it. If you've seen me, there's no secret that I love mascara♥. Let me know when I reach the Tammy Faye Baker level.

But the real secret to my scary long eyelashes is Latisse - which I sort of get samples of from my friend who works in an optometrist office. Latisse is the same exact drug as Lumigan, an eyedrop for glaucoma. Latisse was manufactured after glaucoma patients started growing lovely long lashes.

Thus I don't pay for Latisse, I just luck in to samples of Lumigan! =)

Blurry, bad picture of us on a freezing "safari" in Disney's Animal Kingdom this past January - but it's the first pic I came to that showed off my spider lashes - just call me Tammy Faye, people. They could have crawled off my face and been they're own exhibit amongst the other wild animals that day.


There you have it, everything you never wanted to know. I've got more questions stored and I foresee lots of writer's block in the future, so expect another Q&A post soon. Y’all should send me some more questions so I don’t feel the pressure to write anything on my own ;)

Much love,


  1. Love the paint color, and those lashes - WOW! I have a prescription for Latisse, but haven't tried it yet - now I'm inspired to get the prescription filled!!

  2. I've seen the commericals with Brooke Shields for Latisse, but the side effects scare me. Your eyelashes are awesome enough to make me not care if I went blind. At least my eyes would be pretty, right?

    And love the blue. Wish the people in my house would let me be brave enough to paint something besides tan.

  3. You are so funny! I sent you a message on facebook about those film reels that reminded me of your basement. You can get them at ""....if you even like them. Hope you are having a great day!

  4. Hi! I've just started reading your blog! I love the blue in your living room and I also love love LOVE the rug. If you don't mind, could you tell me where it's from? If you have already done so in another post could you kindly point me in that direction.

    Thanks so much!

  5. I just started follownig your blog and love your beautiful home. And honey you will never ever get like Tammy Fay, you are way to pretty naturally.
    Oh P.S. My husband has blue eye's and mine are brown.

  6. Eyelash is having a visible structure i can say.Careprost or bimatoprost is also an alternative to it.


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