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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

bestill my heart: key lime cupcakes =)


Someone brought our family a key lime tri-layered cake a few weeks ago.

My taste-buds were beyond pleased =)=)=)


I knew I loved key lime pie, but BOY do I love key-lime CAKE!



I never got the recipe from the friend, but I did scour the internet for what looked like a recipe she may have used.



I wanted to make a cake for the birthday girl who introduced me to her love of key lime pie in the first place, my mother-in-law.


But she was only stopping by for the day and I had to be out of town for the next few days for a long weekend of work and a friend’s wedding… I knew we wouldn’t eat the whole cake in one day {not that I couldn’t eat it in one day – just showing some restraint} and I didn’t want the cake to sit and go to waste… but if I made cupcakes(!!) I could take them with me to work and eat all of them share with my co-workers!


I used this recipe from the internet which includes the steps to make key lime buttercream icing.

If I could marry an icing, key-lime buttercream would be my groom♥. Which is saying a lot, as I am a self-professed, icing connoisseur.


This recipe probably made enough to ice the tri-layer cake on which it was intended, but it made more than enough to heavily ice my 2 dozen cupcakes and still leave a big bowl of icing for me to dip into with a spoon every time I passed the fridge for the next 5 days.

{i.e. the perfect amount.}

Side story: My mother can attest to finding me in my room, hiding, eating a can of icing… which would be sooooooo funny if it had only happened once and I was a small child. That, unfortunately, was not the situation. I stopped off at the grocery store after school was out, in highschool, at least once a week to get my sugar high. My highschool boyfriend use to actually buy me icing and sprinkles as a gift. My favorite way to get high: funfetti icing. Suffice to say, I’d been getting high for years before my mom found me. She wasn’t happy – said I should quit – and told me I’d get diabetes.

I definitely don’t eat as much as I use to {yet, I weight about 20 pounds more??!} but when a situation like a big ol’ bowl of leftover icing arises, it’s beyond my willpower. Ya’ know what they say, once an addict, always an addict ;)



KK’s birthday cupcake!



I forgot to say that the key-lime cake that goes with the icing – ALSO delicious. I just get a little sidetracked with the icing…

The green cake would have been perfect for St. Patrick’s Day… too bad I didn’t post this earlier.

But now that you know, you can eat them the rest of the summer!

{or maybe I’ll be the only one doing that…}


Happy Baking!


  1. Oh I am dying, that looks SO good!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, these look amazing!!

    I also eat frosting straight up :)

  3. That looks divine, I love love key lime pie!!

  4. Oh my goodness those look so yummy..Mmmm

  5. Oh how I love icing!!! My mom always said the same thing about getting diabetes! How funny! My favorite is good old buttercream!!! Have you ever had a wedding cake snoball or martini?? TO DIE FOR!!!!

  6. YUM! I will find a reason to try those soon. Funfetti icing - funny story. I made some cupcakes with that icing last week... and found myself eating five cupcakes over the next few days and eating the leftover icing with pretzel sticks. Can I blame it on my pregnancy? Please! :)

  7. You should REALLY post that recipe! Icing is my frenemy also! I just made a batch of blue cream cheese icing for my husband's blue birthday cake. My daughter said we should do it all blue since that is his favorite color. Well, it was blue all right, but as I was cooking dinner, he asks why my teeth are blue. Ummmmmm, could be all the icing I kept eating every time I passed the bowl!!!! :-)

  8. Those look SO GOOD! The prefect summer treat! I'll have to try these!!

  9. These sound divine! I've always loved key lime pie, so I'm sure key lime cupcakes would be just as good. :)


  11. Um, I would probably marry almost any icing...what does that say about me? These cupcakes look amazing! (And I am for SURE a self-professed cupcake expert!)

  12. OK now I gotta get dressed so I can go buy some ingredients! This post was too much to resist (=

  13. What a great post and idea! Thanks so much. I know what I'll be making for my next date night with my wife. She will flip (in a good way)! :)


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