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Thursday, April 01, 2010

an April fool

I won’t attempt what I pulled last year on this day…
No pranks, just lots of foolish photos this year.
I’ve posted these oh-so-precious photos before, but after the last post left me feeling a little too sparkly and proud, it’s time for some self-deprecating humor…

What better time to share such foolishness than on April Fool’s Day?
Enjoy a good laugh, courtesy of my 4th-6th grade self.
Laugh #1: frizzy, permed red hair + a sweet little “teacher’s pet” cardigan

Laugh #2: huge glasses that magnified my eyes combined with a black mock turtle-neck under a white Kentucky sweatshirt

Laugh #3: little to no weight gain with limbs that were growing at record speed made for one VERY awkward geeky girl, dressed in “church camp approved” long jean shorts that were made instantly cool with a little folding&rolling once out of the parental’s sights. Totally rad, dude.

Laugh #4: The first yearbook photo with make-up {milestone moment!} and a dress that I remembered thinking was too cool for school.

Laugh #5-6: Glamour shots, anyone?!
I was just dying to have these done. It was the epitome of coolness in our little town.

Am I, like, frickin’ Reba McEntire Jr. here or what?!

It doesn’t get any hotter than red and blue fringe on a jean jacket, y’all!

Ya know what’s really funny?

Wash off the make-up and the Tammy Faye mascara, add a perm and some coke bottle glasses and BAM!

That girl is still alive and well today.

26 years old, still living the nerd life… Pharmacist by day, blogger by night ;)

{Feeling truly inspired to change my Facebook profile picture now! ;)}



  1. You are hysterical! Oh I remember those days, very awkward! I always wanted to do glamour shots and my mom never let me! SOB! I also love the holding of the jacket in the pictures! So funny!

  2. Hahaha...the pictures are great! I always wanted to do Glamour Shots but couldn't talk the parents into it!!

  3. Lauren (your sister in law) told me about your blog because I just started blogging myself. This post is so funny! A few years ago, my mom was upset wondering what happened to my school year pics years 12-13...I said, "I don't know, I guess you lost them. Bummer." even though I fully knew I had destroyed all evidence of my awkward years. Then I was mortified to discover she had a secret stash of them and put together a collage for the wall. Ugh!! Coke bottles, braces, goofy's a rite of passage, I guess! Nice blog, I love all your pics and things. Good work! :-)

  4. those pictures are amazing! i cant decide which one is the funniest :) long time reader, rare commenter, but i just HAD to say how much this post made me laugh!


  5. You're so brave to post the pictures, but you are a true beauty.

  6. How funny! You really did look like a litte Reba!!!

  7. I'd forgotten about Glamour Shots! I used to want some so bad! Thanks for sharing.


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