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Monday, October 01, 2012

living for the weekend

Nick and I have work schedules that sometimes leave us feeling like two ships passing in the night. When we are lucky enough to have a weekend off together with no plans but to just be together with our little love bug and fur child, for me, that’s like Heaven on earth.


Our little man has finally decided he can start sleeping in a little and by sleeping in I mean 7:30 or even 8am! at the latest. This is a stark contrast to the former 5:30 – 6 am wake-up calls he gave us for nearly a year meaning the occasional Saturday morning sleep catch-up looked like it would never happen again.


Don’t take that to mean he sleeps through the night though. That is still a rarity but one that is showing improvement…!


Now, even at 7 a.m. our little guy will cuddle or play in bed with us. It is such a warm, loving way to start your day with everyone smiling and laughing♥


We spent our Saturday playing indoors and out and got cleaned up for a little date night out by the evening. We cherish our occasional lone date nights, but taking our adorable third wheel is a different but equally kind of wonderful!

I had been wanting to try a new restaurant I had seen on someone’s “Facebook check-in” recently {my GOSH, technology and social networking make our lives so weird these days} and Nick and I are always looking for something new, so off we went in search for it.

Just the scenic horse farm drive to our little piece of country inside of Lexington was fun. When we pulled in and saw the painted side of the Windy Corner Market, I was already in love!





Before we went inside, we had to change a poopy diaper on the tailgate – OH! the joys. Wouldn’t you know, right beside us pulls up my gorgeous blog friend, Danielle and her two beautiful boys. What are the chances?!

So fun to see you {in person!}, Danielle!! I love her “Happiness Project” post today – just what I needed to be taking notes on!


{Again, technology makes our lives so weird, but I wouldn't have had this scrumptious dinner or a new friend without it! I, like I’ve had to learn about myself specifically, embrace the weird.}


If you live in the area or are visiting, you should definitely stop by this place! I can’t wait to visit again for breakfast next time – my favorite meal. I can’t even imagine how good that must be after our awesome dinner date. These people know how to cook.






This is before the DE-licious food arrived… you would think he was just a perfect angel from these pictures ;)





…and then the “angel” get real!



Truly though, he’s decently behaved out on a dinner date. If you can handle LOUD then he’s just fine. His loud doesn’t consist of temper tantrums or crying, just happy, joyful LOUD noises :)Needless to say, we don’t take him to anywhere that’s the least bit quiet and he fit in perfectly here!

There were no more pictures taken after the food arrived because we were excitedly stuffing our faces. Who has time for pictures at a time like that?! Houston even ate some of my pulled pork basket and Ruth Hunt bourbon ball ice cream… no worries, the child did not ingest any actual bourbon!!



Sunday morning started out with changing table shenanigans before church. Which is always fun, but as usual… we were not on time for Sunday school. Somehow we get up earlier every Sunday and somehow that extra time gets lost somewhere in the morning Bermuda Triangle of time.

Mornings in general, trying to get yourself and a baby ready for work/church/appointments etc. are like a black hole for time.  Just when I think “this is the morning I leave at my *perfect* time to not feel rushed or arrive late”, something always falls through. I’ve come to expect it and accept it!



Yes, I did post this picture of his bare butt on Facebook and yes, he will have to deal with this public oversharing one day and no, I am not worried it will affect his future presidential campaign efforts.


Sunday afternoon was filled with time spent playing on the deck {while the weather still permits!} and wistfully watching daddy mow the lawn.



“Who cares about all those toys mom brought outside for me – I have BUCKETS!!!!”




Not only is he big enough to toddle around easily with two large buckets in tow, he now scales the deck rails with ease.

Not terrifying in the least…




Our weekend was one of those where you lay your head down on Sunday night not even dreading Monday because you’re still basking in the glow and the blessing of what you’ve been blessed to revel in all weekend long. A happy bathtime before bed always seals the deal.



Hoping yours was just as fantastic and that this Monday falling on the first of the month has mercy on us today at work!





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  1. What a fun weekend! It was fun to run into you. If I would have known you were going to have a photo shoot, I would have offered to take a family picture (: By the way, when we came out we noticed you had left your passenger door open, so we closed it! I didn't want you to have a dead battery!

    Thanks for the shout out about my Happiness Project. After a somewhat trying weekend, I'm eager to get it started!

    Houston is even cuter in person (:

  2. He is too cute for words! The buckets crack me up. I know I need to be better about spending more quality time with me, the hubs, and our daughter, just the three of us as a family. Life gets too hectic and you forget how important it is!

  3. oh man that cute little bottom!

    I just love the pictures of him carrying the buckets!


  4. Such precious pictures. I can't believe he can handle toting around those big buckets. He looks so serious about it too.

  5. Wow, that's pretty good that you expect time delays after only a year. Sam is two & a half & I STILL get frustrated & feel like a failure when it all falls apart.

  6. He is too cute! The changing table picture cracks me up, because my little boy (who is about a month younger than Houston) does the same thing! As soon as I lay him down he flips over and wants to get up. Precious :)

  7. Isn't it funny how kids want the simplest toys? And how they never want to lay on the changing table after a certain age? I've been battling that one for months. You look gorgeous, Mama!

  8. He is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. We visit Lexington a few times a year and tried Windy Corner earlier this year when I read about it on another blog also. I loved it and it sits in such a pretty area.


  10. Did mommy or daddy do the diaper change before going inside?


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