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Thursday, October 04, 2012

iPhone DUMP


I realize the picture your brain probably conjures up when  you read the word “dump”.

…and I used it anyway ;)


In true manly fashion, my husband just had to have the latest iPhone upgrade and I, who was perfectly content with my ollllld iPhone but am not one to let his tech gadgets be cooler than mine, relented and upgraded with him.

So began the clean-up to remove some of my photos from iCloud and free up space on the new phone.


“Some of the pictures…”


That would be some of the 4,798 pictures I have accumulated over 3 iPhones since 2009.


Without a doubt the biggest explosion of photography started August 29, 2011 with good reason.♥


Coincidently, since that same day that my life changed forever for the better, I haven’t been the best blogger. Full time mommy/wife/pharmacist leaves so little time for blogging unless I’m playing the “I can sleep when I’m dead” card which I try not to play too often. If I can help it.


Anyone notice I’ve posted, {an unheard of since child birth!}, 4 days in a row this week? I’ll give you one guess as to which card I’m playing…




and since I’m going through all of these photos, I’m taking the chance to update you on our life this summer through absolutely random photos from my camera phone.


Random like this one, after bath-time, when we were all looking a little extra  *cough-cough* challenged that day.






Or my sleeping angel who is so beyond precious when he’s snoozing that I have a hard time putting him down.





Here we have a flash glance into my future: a grown-up heartthrob, keys in hand, running for the door.






I cherish our family walks which we take almost daily – only missing for rain, per Hendrix’s demands. He was so cute in jammies and a jacket for the first time since the weather started getting cooler that I can resist a quick pic.

{These “I couldn’t resist a quick pic” moments usually turn into a quick 10 pics and then perhaps you can see how 4,798 photos accumulated so quickly…}





This one was taken after the water had already been drained from the tub 10 minutes prior. I have no idea how long he would have played if I hadn’t pulled him out.


Anyone see the blush brush he made a toy?.. like everything else I own that he can get his hands on.





Our crazy dog, who is still learning to tolerate a spastic toddler twice his size: he detests the boy by day, then sleeps by his nursery door, guarding his little buddy by night.

Man’s best {however, psychotic} friend!





I love that Houston can sit still now {if only for a few minutes} to cuddle and watch a movie. I think we got through almost 20 minutes of Puss and Boots this day!





This boy’s a swinging maniac. Poppy and his brother built this swing for him that we can even move indoors when the weather gets too cold – what a Godsend!





Parental unit date night!

The same night we saw “The Dark Knight” and I was on the verge of near panic attack the whole movie through, sadly because of the Colorado tragedy. On a lighter note, Nick still laughs at how I didn’t notice the subtle “house lighting” till half-way through the movie, which I just knew was an alert that something was going wrong.

I am a freak-a-zoid. I embrace it.

I also found out I was wearing this lovely blouse thingy backwards that night. I was on a freak-a-zoid roll, I tell ya!





Happy after a very nice looooooooong nap together :) I could use one of these daily!





First taste of Orange Leaf frozen yogurt!

“Why hello there double chin! Perhaps you should consider a little less Orange Leaf and a little more salad leaf…”



He’s hooked!




Nick and I were both in a wedding for one of our most well loved couple friends at the beginning of August – I have to show you more from sweet Ginny’s bachelorette party/showers/wedding because this girl getting hitched made my summer a blast!





The only Cinci Reds game I got to go to this summer, but I’ll hopefully be going back very soon because the Reds are in the playoffs, baby!!





I love this weird terrible pic inside Houston’s blow-up trampoline we got him for his birthday… look at that psychotic dog’s eyes! He panics wanting in to chew and chase after one of those balls. Even though it’s just a camera flash error that made his eyes look so crazy, this to me is how he should really appear when he has his mind set on a ball :)





Nick and I took a trip to Charleston, SC this summer, sans baby, and saw a real coal truck for the first time on the way there! hahaha.





Houston and his aunt Ginny visiting with Farley on the 4th of July.  Farley is seriously the largest dog I’ve ever met AND the sweetest, mild mannered too!

Be jealous that Houston gets to swim with super models too ;)





So out of 4,798 pics which increase daily, that is a very small piece of the pie but a nice quick trip into our summer that I haven’t been blogging about at all lately.

I’m sure there are more to come ;)





  1. Love the first picture him sticking his tongue out! You to watching a movie on the couch and just waking up is prescious! Your makeup in the picture of you two at the game looks amazing! And you two look stunning in the picutre at the wedding I love that dress you are wearing.

  2. Great pictures! I'm glad I'm not alone in having taken thousands of pictures of my sweet baby in a mere 9 months :)

  3. That's so cute that you were rubbing his foot during the movie. That's our typical movie-watching stature as well. If I stop, Sam will raise his foot up high in the air as a reminder to pamper him. I also love that you wore your shirt backwards all night. I got home from work one day only to find that my underwear had been inside out all day. I love my Mommy Brain.

  4. I love that pic of Hendrix sleeping outside the nursery door, what a great little guard dog he is =)

  5. Could he be any cuter!! So sweat you two cuddling on the couch!

  6. Awe cute pictures!!!

    IDK What I'd do without my iphone. My DSLR Camera is too big to constantly have on hand!

  7. You are the cutest gosh darned family I have ever seen...and seem to just have way too much genuine fun:)

  8. You look so so beautiful in all of those pictures!! And Houston's just adorable as always! :)

  9. Haha iPhone dumps are the best! Your family is adorable :)

  10. Cute pictures! I think photo dumps are the best!


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