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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

gr8t(!) shopping for half the price


***UPDATED: I forgot to mention that you can use the promo code “address10” right now to get 10% off your purchase at Plum District!



I confess, I’d much rather shop the net than set foot in a store.

Not sure if it’s my laziness, my hermit crab tendencies or maybe even my tiny 7 month old sidekick that makes cruising the mall a little too unpredictable these days, but I’d much rather sit at home in my comfy clothes, naked faced and shop in the privacy of my own home where my baby boy can play till his heart’s content instead of being chained down to a stroller and where I can snack mindlessly while burning up the plastic.


Yes, momma has her credit card numbers memorized… please tell me I’m not the only one!


Thus, I feel the need to share one of the places where I get the most bang for my buck:

Plum District.


{This is NOT a sponsored post – just sharing my true blue fabulous shopping deals with you!!}



I have bought a ridiculous amount of things from this site at unbelievable discounts for our home, the baby, lots of gifts for friends and even for… me ;)

If you’re not familiar with it, other companies feature themselves on this website with discounts on their products by at least 50% and up to even 80%. You have to check in daily to see what’s up before you miss something good!



A few of my favorite finds lately:


I admit I wore this sweater almost every other day the month I got it in the mail!




My very cute Erin Condren life planner – I got one for me AND a friend for cheeeeeeap!




I’d been looking for a growth chart for Houston – this one was perfect. I got to even choose the hair/eye/skin/uniform color and number. Love it!

{Still need to hang it up and get to measuring that boy though!}




Newborn petticoats for my friends having baby girls soon… SO PRECIOUS.

{The day these came in the mail, Nick threatened me something fierce that one of these better NOT end up on Houston in ANY way for even a second. haha… what can I say, he knows me!}




Our Valentine Day and Christmas cards were sent out for almost only what the postage cost to send them… penny pinchin’ momma!

V-Day Card



Houston’s toys have been traveling in style in his new book bag which I’m envisioning him toting off to pre-school. It’s even more adorable and a fantastic quality in person.




We are starting sign language with our future baby genius too, thanks to this deal through Plum District!

Click to Enlarge



I didn’t even show you the huge package of Omaha steaks we got in, or the tons of make-up and OPI nail polishes, lots of other baby and wedding shower gifts I’ve picked up, an immersion blender and cook book for making my own baby food, 11x14 canvases to print my own photos, hair products and even magazine subscriptions for PENNIES!


I have been BUSY to say the least.



Right now the deals are HOT. There are definitely times on the site when nothing at all is appealing to me, then BAM!, a day like today comes along and everything is screaming my name.


I snatched this one up QUICK today – this place has tons of chic monogram things for the family and kids. Perfect for gifts!


Though I don’t know if I’ll be giving this one away… I’d been holding out on buying an Otter Box for my iPhone, but it was inevitable with the way baby loves it with wanting to chew on it AND drop it. I JUST BOUGHT ONE this week, not cute at all, and TODAY is when I find this place on Plum District.


Design your own with tons of colors, patterns, fonts… looks like I’ll have a CUTE Otter Box and then a back-up ;)


Me, playing around with my monogram and some options:




This jewelry line on Plum District today is amazingly unique and worn by many celebrities. I love some great, quirky pieces.





Baby shower coming up? Minky blankets are must-haves!





I had to pick up this one too - $25 for $50 to spend in this cute boutique!

Sleeveless Gathered Rosette Coctail Dress-


Happy Shopping!






P.S. – Notice the corny “gr8t” in the post title? It’s in honor of the unbelievable 8th National title for the UK Wildcats men’s basketball team!!! We are SO proud and lucky to live in Lexington. Congrats, CATS!



  1. Don't worry, I also have my credit card numbers memorized! :)

  2. I used to have my credit card number memorized. Then we had a little fraud issue & they had to send me a whole new card. Haven't got the 2nd one down yet. (I blame it on fewer brain cells these days.) And I hadn't heard of this site! Will have to check it out. I already use Groupon. I think it's kinda the same---nada that I'm interested in for several weeks then a whole bunch at once. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh my gosh those newborn petticoats are ADORABLE. I've seen so many cute baby things's not really helping with my resolve to wait a few years before we start a family!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  4. i got life planner. and i love them. they are awesome!

  5. I love your planner. I wish I would have done pictures on mine! By the way...Houston is adorable!


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