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Monday, April 02, 2012

charlie sheen said it best




If you haven’t noticed, this girl {the one writing this blog} isn’t very sporty, to say the least.


Dribbling and running and jumping and shooting – also known as a lay-up – completely mystifies me. I can do each one of those actions separately, not well… but for me to combine them, oh my goodness, that’s a hilariously, embarrassing YouTube video just waiting to go viral.


While I’m not much of a Sporty Spice, I love me some Wildcat Basketball. Even more so when we are PLAYING IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME TONIGHT!!!!



“May the odds be ever in OUR favor!”




{Y’all gettin’ tired of hearing about this yet???}


My sweet boy and I wore our BLUE to church on Sunday.

Daddy wore all gray. I asking him if it was because he was in “mourning”… hehe.


{To be fair, I do hate to see my husband down. I even strapped a UofL bib on the baby during the game to try to lift his spirits when they were behind… no amount of adorable baby support could help. Sorry, Cards!}





Same girl, same boy, same dress, last year.


20 weeks


I love the fun comparison of how quickly our lives have changed {for the better!} in just a year.

We are SO blessed♥



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I’ll leave you with one of the teasers we got from our family photo shoot taken by a friend this past Saturday morning.


It has come to our attention that this sweet boy may become a dead ringer for Opie Taylor, especially if he happens to inherit his momma’s red hair!












  1. Cute. Good luck tonight. I feel like wearing all black for our terrible few years of all things sports for University of Tennessee! I'd love for you to check out my Girls Night Out Wine Tasting post today.

  2. Haha that picture of him is too cute!

  3. Such a fun post. You look fabulous in BOTH pics. And the pic of Houston compared to Opie....darling!

  4. I emailed you! Thanks for hosting the giveaway:)
    you and Houston look absolutely adorable!

  5. Oh I just love him! And you look amazing!

  6. That picture is so cute! I can't wait to see the rest!


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