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Monday, January 30, 2012

little moments like this

Houston turned 5 months old yesterday {and I JUST did his 4 month post 2 days prior… don’t you love my punctuality?} In a continued effort to preserve the memories and snapshots we’ve been making the last few months while I’ve been decidedly absent from blogging, here’s a recap of some of my favorite photos and moments for my own keepsake – but hoping you enjoy them as well ;)


We can never take enough pictures of our peanut on his activity mat – he loves it, we love him.




I lovelovelove this picture from Christmas eve. It melts my heart every time I look at it. It is on it’s way to a frame on my night stand VERY soon♥




Goofy little fam on our first Christmas with the boy.

IMG_9343 - Copy 



New Year’s Eve with a naked baby who got too hot partying to wear his sweater anymore… I keep hearing Nelly in my head, “It’s gettin’ hot in herrrrre…”




LOVE my boy. love him to itty bitty pieces.




Our first baby still claims his place in his parents’ bed.




A version of sitting on his own!

photo 2



Too exhausted after a day of attempting “Cry It Out”  to even wake up for a 2 a.m. clothing change. Preciously pitiful.

photo 4



In a house full of men, only ONE is willing to indulge me with some much needed girl time.

photo 5



One of the many mornings I’ve been late to work {woops!} because the adorableness overpowers me…

photo 6



Strolling about on an unseasonably warm December day… Daddy and I decided baby’s ears might be cold – Mommy’s scarf to the resuce!

{How come this wasn’t mentioned as one of the ways to style a scarf yesterday??? :)}

photo 7



Asleep on the changing table?! A strange sight for a boy who only falls asleep in our arms or in the car.

photo 8




photo 9



“I’m ready for my portrait.”

photo 10



Visiting Daddy at work for the first time.

photo 14



With Momma at her old(!) job.

photo 11



The first time I ever dressed him in his snuggly winter bear suit for the trip to the sitter’s… later that morning she calls and tells me he’s running a fever - a little side effect from the 4 month immunizations the day before. Of course I would decide to bundle him up extra on the day he has a fever :/

photo 12



Those yummy little fingers hardly leave his mouth♥

photo 13



  1. He is so so so cute! Keep the pictures coming!

  2. What a cutie! I cannot believe how big he is getting! And the picture of daddy kissing Houston is adorable!!!

  3. My son is a couple weeks older than yours and these are adorable. I wish my son would fall asleep anywhere but my arms or the car. We are starting to do cry it out as well. Its so tough. You look great by the way!!


  4. He is just precious! I have the same little fuzzy bear suit for our Sugar cube when she decides to grace us;) Her's is white though...I hope she looks half as cute in it as your little man does!!!

    Scarf to the rescue! Love it:)

  5. If you ever wonder if you are posting too many baby pictures you aren't:) He is so so so adorable!!!

  6. Stephanie, he is so precious! LOVE all the pictures. Before you know it, he'll be a sixteen year old boy {but will always love his mama}. Your family is incredibly adorable!
    I also adore the picture of the pooch in the boa!

  7. Your little man is just too cute! Love it!

  8. sooooooo adorable!! I love them all.

  9. Precious Stephanie!!! He is a little cutie! I think Colt would look huge next to him:) Hope you have luck letting him "Cry it Out" ! It will be worth it if you can do it! We did our own version of crying it out's so hard!!! Blessings to your little family!


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