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Sunday, January 29, 2012

25 ways to wear a scarf!

Y’all are probably already scarf tying pros and are not amazed by youtube videos of some cute girl tying a scarf around her neck in 25 different ways in only 4.5 minutes.

I, however, am a true scarf wearing amateur.

IMG_9461 - Copy

Love my similar scarves tied with the same ho-hum knot?

Yeah, me neither. I need a scarfervention.

IMG_9494 - Copy


Should there be any other scarf ignorant peeps out their in need of some enlightenment, enjoy this awe inspiring video. I think I shall refer to it daily.




Just found this cute one too! I love how you can wear a plain t-shirt and jeans and go from drab to fab with the right accessories… i.e. SCARVES!



Momma needs to step her style up. Plus, what better way to hide that spit-up on your shoulder or wipe the drool of your babe’s face then a nice scarf!

{Well maybe not your nicest scarf… looks like silk is out of the question until the teething phase closes its doors.}



On a much less vain and more serious note, we are unbelievably joyous today over a cherished, long time family friend who has put on our Lord in baptism today. God has answered many, MANY people’s prayers over the last few decades for this kind soul. Our hearts are SO HAPPY, tears of joy were never so sweet!♥


  1. love it, love scarfes, but since I'm pregnant I wont wear them b/c I already think my face looks huge. PTL what an answer to prayers, God is good.

  2. I actually watched these videos on Youtube a month ago to learn some new scarf techniques. I live in scarves!

  3. I was literally just thinking yesterday, "I wish I knew more ways to tie a scarf!" Thanks for posting this!

  4. You could have fooled me! You look so cute!


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