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Thursday, November 17, 2011

my life, the sitcom

I have my days.

Days where I wonder if I took a moment out of the chaos to peek over my shoulder, would I see a film-crew taping these sitcom-worthy situations I get myself into? Because honestly, these things only happen on t.v.

…and to me.

It is in these moments that I consider changing my name to Lucy. I have the red hair, a devilishly handsome husband that puts up with my shenanigans, and the sweet little boy to boot.

I could even start selling Vitameatavegamin in my pharmacy!

On today’s episode of My Life, the Sitcom:

After bragging on my baby boy's excellent sleep habits for weeks, we had one loooooong crazy night where I finally decided to put him in bed with me, only to wake up to wet sheets and a wet baby in the morning.

We get cleaned up and I put a new, never worn outfit on him even though we don’t have any plans to go anywhere today. He’s growing quickly and I want him to wear everything in his closet, even if it’s just for lounging around the house.

Baby’s dressed and I dash to start a pot of coffee, needed more today than usual after the night we had. But it’s a no-go.

Coffee - we have. Milk or creamer… both out.

I don’t do black coffee. So I soldier on without my caffeine.

Baby gets fed, mommy gets fed and we decided to call Houston’s Mimmie on Facetime since she just learned how to use it. We giggle together at his grunts and disgusting squirty sounds that confirm a dirty diaper is in the making. We hang up and I go to let the dog out and change the diaper.

But when I pick Houston up, my wet hand on his back tells me something’s not quite right. I look at the back of the baby… yellow gook. I look at my cream colored sofa he was just laying on… yellow gook.

{Forgive the picture of poo residue on my blog. This is who we are these days, like it or leave it.}

photo 7


{Thank goodness for micro-fiber upholstery, this couch is holding up well against all baby bodily functions!}

Baby boy gets stripped down in preparation for a bath. While on the changing table, Houston spits-up, starts to choke on it and then coughs a mouthful in my face. Fabulous.


Luckily I’m in the mood to laugh. This is funny. My life is a joke.

I actually texted my husband, “I believe the day could only get better from here.”

In a way, I was right. It did get better. The way a sitcom gets better for those watching it, not for the person living it.


I went to start the bath and for some reason, {stupid, stupid curiosity}, I decided to pull down on the part of the faucet that would start the shower, if there was a shower. But there is only a bath-tub. The water cuts off and I try everything to reverse what I just did, including calling my brother-in-law and texting him a picture of the problem. No luck.

Now my curiosity knows what happens when you pull down on the silver shower starting contraption when there is no actual shower. Yaaaayyy.

photo 8


Houston hangs out in his bath chair in the hall-way while mommy tries to figure out if she’ll be able to fix the faucet or if we’ll be moving to the guest bath.

photo 9


With no water in sight, bathing in the hall-way was out of the question. Once in the guest bath, the little stinker pees straight up into the air and onto mommy. I laugh again.

The end of today’s sitcom, all before 11 a.m.

I love this life!

photo 11 

{Did I mention that today is the first day of my diet to get rid of the baby weight and even though these days at home with my precious baby boy are the best days of my life, a plate full of brownies would really hit the spot after the morning I’ve had!}


Coincidence that my first sitcom moment happened the day I found out I was pregnant and hasn’t stopped since? Motherhood is one funny hood to live in ;)


  1. Ah, yellow poo. I can't say I miss it. I've worn it, stuck my finger in it, had it in my hair (don't ask), and the only good I can find in all that is, thank goodness it's odorless (: This would be a great advertisement for Scotchgard! I'm glad you were able to find the humor in all of this (:

  2. I don't do black coffee either. YUCK! I like my milk and sugar with a little bit of coffee, thanks.

    Eat the brownies. You'll be glad you did. When little Houston goes mobile you won't have to diet, anyway, because you'll run it all off just chasing his little tail all over the place. :)

  3. The smile in that last picture HAD to make up for a not-so-good morning!

  4. haha you crack me up. oh the mommy moments... gotta love them!

  5. Oh sweet girl!!! You are too funny! I've been there done it with the poo up the back and pee on the face more than once. You can't help but just laugh!

  6. haha
    sounds like quite the day.
    and to think you made it through without coffee???
    now THAT is impressive!



  7. Haha this made me laugh out loud. Glad you can laugh, smile, and enjoy it all :)

  8. A new follower of yours and loving the latest episode! Had me laughing, smiling, and cheering you on all at the same time. Being super mommy is a hard job thanks for not holding back and sharing the good, bad and the ugly, you just have to have a great sense of humor about it all! xo

  9. When your at home all day it is amazing the things you find out about yourself, your house, and your life?

    This made me LAUGH and brought back many fun memories of blow outs and pee covered shirts. My favorite.....covered in pee while shopping at Old Navy. He peed so much it started dripping onto the floor. Come to find out, I had readjusted his pee pee when placing him in the baby bjorn. Readjusted it perfectly to shoot directly out of the diaper!!!

  10. Love it, just love it. And, it's awesome you documented it. You can pull this out when he's giving you a hard time as a teenager and say, "I've been dealing with your crap since you were a baby... literally!" tee-hee

  11. Those are the days all you can do is laugh.

    So this might sound gross, but my husband was desperate for coffee and we were also out of milk. He used a little bit of breastmilk. Said he couldn't tell the difference. Only a new dad that desperate for caffiene. :-)

  12. Oh man, I can't help but laugh. That cute face at the end has to make up for the yellow poop stain on the couch though! Hope you have an amazing weekend hun!

  13. But just look how happy he is:). And that's surely the look of "My goodness I do love my beautiful mother."

  14. You crack me up. I literally laughed out loud while I was reading this post!!!

  15. Stephanie! I awarded you with the Liebster Blog Award on my blog : ) I love reading your blog, you always have the cutest stories. And Houston is just so darn cute!

    xoxo, Chelsea
    (Here's the award)

  16. Oh, I've had many of those days! The best thing to do is just laugh!

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