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Thursday, November 03, 2011

61 years of holy matrimony

61 years later…



5 children, 15 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren…

wedding gparents


All of whom would never be here without their love for each other.



I am SO BLESSED to have these two as my grandparents and to be celebrating this momentous occasion today. Like two peas in a pod, it’s easy to see they were meant for each other! I have never seen anything but love from them for their family. They give of themselves and their means more than most anyone I know. They love without limits and are always down for a good time ;)



♥I love them both more than they will ever know!♥



Happy 61st anniversary, Mamaw and Papa!!!!


  1. They are adorable! Happy Anniversary to them. If we could all be so fortunate (:

  2. What a wonderful thing to have as an example- congrats to your grandparents!

  3. Wow... 61 years. What an amazing accomplishment and example!

  4. wow you don't hear about that much anymore! happy anniversary to them!

  5. What a great looking couple! You've got some good genes in the fam!

  6. Wow - what an amazing example of love. Congratulations to your grandparents.

  7. Its so awesome to have such great examples in your life, I have a few in my family as well!!

  8. I just love this post. I can feel the joy and love you have for them just by reading your words.

    I loved my grandparents so very much and miss them every day. They, too, celebrate many years of marriage before being parted by death.

  9. wow, how amazing! happy anniversary to them!! they don't look old enough to be married that long!!! :) how wonderful to have both your grandparents! i wish my boys could have known mine.

  10. I love to hear about couples that are married for so long. Today most people don't listen to the forever part at the seremony which is a shame in many cases.

  11. Your parents are next :)

  12. What a fabulous example!!! Happy anniversary

  13. Oh wow how beautiful...congratulations to your grandparents! We can a
    Aspire to that indeed!

  14. aw that is so inspiring! congrats to them!!

  15. How beautiful! I love sweet love stories! :)

  16. I like that that you say {as|like} my friend thanks


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