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Sunday, February 07, 2010

decorating for the month of love

My Valentine’s decor is up for the very first time!

I’ve never decorated for this little holiday before and found it difficult to avoid the kindergarten classroom look.

Even with the childish feel, I’m feeling pretty festive and love walking in to see it each day, which equals a decorating success in my book.



Burlap heart tutorial HERE.




Yarn wrapped foam form hearts – adapted from THIS tutorial.







The one decoration my dear hubby could do without – the red feather boa on the coffee table.

I do understand. It’s not so classy or even pretty. But it is kinda’ fun and it is staying for the short month of February.

{And really - I think I might even be a little worried if he did like the boa… ahem, Elton John…}


Looking very “teacher-ish” and fitting in well with my elementary decor.







My cupcakes {from a fun night with friends to celebrate my 26th!} fit in nicely with these sweetie pie dish towels.







I honestly bought these cookie cutters to use, ya know, for cookies and instead, ended up finding they worked well as decorations too.

Very sweet!



Friday night, Baby K stopped by to share some of my cupcakes and yummy ice cream cake my girlies brought me!



Being the new crawling mover and shaker she is, she noticed a few of my finished projects from my birthday to-do list, like this birdcage…


…and this side table, lamp base AND shade.



Baby K was just begging for more cake and ice cream details on my DIY projects.

Don’t worry, girl! Before and after shots of these and more from this past week to come!

{I love nothing more than a good bunch of before and after shots. You won’t be disappointed ;)}

We also have a new follower of the week who blogs over at The Merrick Family. Thanks for following, Tiffany!

P.S. I’d also like to take a moment to ask you to pray for my friend and her family in the passing of her mother. I am devastated by this news and my heart is so heavy for them. Please pray for their peace, comfort, and courage to get through the days to come.


  1. Cute decorations and I'm glad you were able to finish a project or two from your list! =)

  2. Love the decorations! They look awesome. You are so creative!

  3. I am also glad Nick doesn't like the boa!

  4. Pretty decorations! The sidetable looks great!

  5. Hello Stephanie I'm your newest follower I Love all of the crafts those look so cute I really LOVE the Burlap Heart oh it is so precious!

    Love Stephanie

  6. Ughhhh if you weren't so cute and sweet, I might really hate you! You are so talented and everything you do is adorable!!

  7. I love all of your decorations!!

  8. I love your elementary decorations. :) Praying for your friend during this time.

  9. Your decor is beautiful! The red boa is fun, I love it!

    What type of camera do you have? It takes amazing pictures!

    God bless your friend and her family...

  10. I loved this sweet post. Question for you....The tree. What is it? Did you buy it? Make it? I love it, can you fill me in.

  11. I "LOVE" your Valentine's Day decorations! I've never decorated for this holiday, but now you have inspired me! :) Beautiful!

  12. Those cupcakes look so yummy. Cute decorations, I love Valentines Day!

  13. Your decorations look amazing! Great job. And I'll be praying for your friend and her family.

  14. Love the decorations and your blog!

    Stephie @


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