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Monday, February 15, 2010

It’s starting to stick!!


and NO, I’m not talking about the snow. Although it is sticking.


Might I add, it’s also the first snow I’ve got to enjoy this winter, the first snow I didn’t have to risk it all to get to work, and I’m loving it!


I’m crossing my fingers Nick’s grad school gets called off tomorrow. Though UK didn’t call off today, so I don’t have a lot of hope in the matter.

{and even though I do have to go to work tomorrow – it isn’t till 4… so I’m hoping the Nickster and I can build a snowman tomorrow, which I have done in years and which we’ve never done together. Wouldn’t it be nice…}




Don’t you love when the neighbor girl {I’m guessing she’s around 10 years old} trots through your yard with a gun while you’re taking pictures of the snow… I sure do.

{This is weird, right?}

and yes, I did blur her face to protect her identity… but I just had to show you one of the moments I actually caught on film of the weird family across the street.

{They carry this gun when they walk their German Shepherd. Who is never on a leash… because they said he respects the gun… SO weird.}



As for the “it’s starting to stick” – I’m not talking about the 6th coat of magnetic paint I’ve put on this wall in the basement either.



What IS starting to stick?




So glad the paint actually works!

Now one more coat of magnetic paint {because I want it reallyreallyreally strong} and two coats of “Burning Bush” red that I just had mixed at Lowe’s today, and IT’S DONE!!

{Well, the painting will be done… then we need to find a gas fireplace, have Nick’s dad hook it up, pick out all of our favorite pictures to print out to stick with magnets on the art wall AND find a huge mirror that I can make a tile mosaic around to place above the fireplace…. not too much left to do ;)}



Our Valentine’s Day was very sweet… my extremely intelligent and sweet hubby bought me beautiful potted calla lilies.

I have mixed feelings about cut flowers – especially with the V-Day mark-up – but these are GENIUS! He’s the best…

We went to see “Valentine’s Day” at the movies {pretty cute} and Nick made crab cakes for dinner.

In fact, he made enough that we had them again tonight!



Now off to sit by the fire and watch a movie with the hubs. ♥


  1. Wow, strange neighbors indeed! I'm glad the magnets are sticking-- YAY! Such a cool wall!

  2. Oh, those are some weird neighbors!! I love that paint! What a neat idea :) So glad you and hubby had a great Valentine's Day together!

  3. WOW! Yeah um your neighbors I would be scared of..

  4. Um, little girl with a gun....beyond strange. The magnetic wall will look great, I'm sure - and those callas are beautiful!

  5. OMG that paint is the coolest thing I've seen in a long long time!! Love it!

  6. Randomly came across your blog.

    Your neighbors seem a little strange. That is awesome you caught it on camera.

  7. Love the new look!!

    What stange neighbors!

    What a neat idea with the magnetic paint, I have never heard of it.. love it!!

  8. Ok, you beat us for creepy neighbors. I thought we had some weird ones but at least they don't carry guns around the neighborhood...

  9. Girl with gun. Not cool! How do you do that with your pics on your blog?? I like the change!

  10. scary that your neighbors think that's ok! what a great candid moment caught on camera.

  11. That is the coolest paint. I have never heard of it!!

    Scary neighbors!

  12. #1 - love the new pics in the header. #2 - strange. Strange, indeed. Scary, no? Moving on...#3 - cool paint! Did not know that existed. Cool.

  13. Hi there! Just came across your blog and you are the cutest thing!!

    Oh my... the neighbor... only in Kentucky! Or Tennessee where I am from! Ha! Wasn't the snow beautiful? We actually got snow here in Charleston, SC where I live. I am thirty minutes from the beach! It was amazing!

    Have a great day!

  14. The neighbor! That's all I can strange!

  15. Just found your blog and I'm glad I did!
    Greetings from Italy,

  16. I love all your projects, you always do a fantastic job! I cannot wait to see the finished project!!


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