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Thursday, January 21, 2010

my first MckLinky - link up ya'll!

I've been SWAMPED with work this week - no time to blog, let alone, anything interesting to tell if I did.

Hpefully though, that's all about to change. Tonight, I'll be enjoying one of my Christmas gifts from the best husband ever - Brad Paisley concert tickets!

Yippie ki-yay, ya'll! {Not only will I get to see Brad, but Miranda Lambert is opening - first time ever I've actually been excited about an opening act too! Double yippie ki-yay.}

Can you tell I'm feeling extra country in preparation for the concert tonight????? It continues...

Then this weekend - buckle down the hatches, boys - my sister is turning 30! WOWZAS! It's back home to celebrate with the family for the old bird ;)  hehe...

All that to say that my blogging luck should be getting better soon with lots of pictures to boot. It's always better when I'm not working!

Earlier this week I did my personal review of 2009. I had a blast looking back on our year and summing it up for a nostalgic look down memory lane - now I'm throwing it back on you with my FIRST MckLinky!

What was YOUR favorite post from YOUR blog in 2009? It's time to show your true colors, people. Give us your best!

Feeling extra sweet - sign up your favorite blogger with your favorite post of theirs too! What better friend is there?!

Show us your inspiration, a post that motivates, makes you laugh, shows off your talent, or gives us a taste of what your world revolves around.  No work for me tomorrow and I can't wait to get reading! {Stalking is my favorite...}

Link up, ya'll!

{and thanks in advance for participating in my first!}


  1. Love Brad and Miranda. I saw him 3 years ago and her last year with Kenny Chesney. So fun.

    Hmmm, my fav post...I need to think about this.

  2. we took our wedding party to see brad paisley after the rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding last year! such a great show! have fun! xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness, Brad Paisley is amazing in concert! Have fun, girlie!

  4. Oh my goodness, Brad Paisley is amazing in concert! Have fun, girlie!

  5. I am so jealous!! I love Brad Paisley!!

    Have fun girl!

  6. I love Brad Paisley. I saw him several years ago in concert with Brooks and Dunn, and Rascal Flatts. My friends boss had gotten us tickets for free and allowed us to use his parking pass for the colisium so we got to park where their buses were parked so we got to meet Rascal Flatts. So nice in person. Brad Paisley though wouldn't come out of his bus though to sign autographs. We stood around and talked to Rascal Flatts for about 20 min. There wasn't alot of people back there and he had family there as well.

  7. Lucky girl getting to see Brad--Im JEALOUS! also, such a cute idea with the mckinley link! Im off to find an old post!

  8. girl you know I can't decide! but I will pick a good one just for you :) have fun at the concert! I didn't know what brad paisley looks like and at first glance I was like... why is stephanie posting pictures of cute guys on her blog??? :)

  9. Have fun at the concert! Sounds like a blast!

    I am new to your blog and I think it is awesome! My mom teaches in Morehead, KY. It is absolutely beautiful up there!!!

    -Alisa hope


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