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Sunday, October 11, 2009

my home away from home

The last few days, my evenings after work have been spent holed up in a hotel room just passing the time. Luckily, I brought a few friends along. Together, we are working up lots of plans and schemes for home decor with the ootles of eye candy and mutiple DIY projects offered up within their pages.

Along with the friends I've also found an enemy. This {evil} menu, conveniently placed in my room, and the restaurant located next door {with free delivery} HAS NOT been my friend. Or, at least, it hasn't been a friend to my goal to get back into some of my jeans.


What have I done besides lie in bed, read magazines, and stuff my face full of Applebees?

*watch Marley&Me -> have a good cry at the end

*walk around Wal-mart for a hour

*trim my own hair

*laugh A LOT at Wanda Sykes stand-up on HBO

*shop online {didn't buy a thing, but had fun looking anyway}

*chit-chat with my hubby on the phone

*and just before writing this post, I found this exciting new project(!) that I can't wait to start on our office walls.

{The picture below was taken over a month ago of the roses I brought with me left from Chad&Lauren's wedding weekend. It was a diva moment, as Nick pointed out, to cart the flowers hours in a car and into the hotel room, but it made the five days I had to live there a tiny bit sweeter. Besides - why leave them at home with a man who wouldn't even acknowledge their presence?!}

I'm winding up my time here {going home tomorrow after a 14 hour shift!} and I must admit that the couple hours I've had in the evening between the end of work and dream time are a welcome luxury to veg-out without the guilt of knowing there is laundry to do, floors to sweep, and furniture to paint.

{Did I mention I contemplated bringing one of the chairs, a drop cloth, paint can and brush with me to the hotel room so my "down-time" wasn't wasted? Crazy, right?}

With that said, I would trade in all the lazy time I've had to be back at home with the ones I love in the place we call home.

Signing off from the glamorous Hampton Inn ;)


  1. There is no place like home! It sounds like you had lots of time on your hands. But still you put in 10 hour days. WOW. I'm sure you were very ready for the down time in the evenings!

  2. we watched wanda sykes last night, i was laughing so hard! haha!!
    i'm sure you are looking forward to being home!


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