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Thursday, October 15, 2009

for the moment

This past week, I wrote you a thank you note.

I had no idea I would feel compelled to thank you once again in less than a week.

For your prayers, your thoughts, and your sweet comments after letting you know about my mom's health woes, THANK YOU!

She is home now and resting up, though we still do not have any answers. She's scheduled for more appointments and tests. If nothing happens to turn up, she'll have no choice but to wait for another episode of chest pain to return to the ER so that they can run their tests during the occurrence.

I pray {and hope you will too} that she does not have to endure the pain again. We know that preventative medicine is the best medicine and I hope that we will end up with answers and a plan that will resolve this issue. {OR it could just all go away and forever be a mystery that we never hear from again - that's an even better prayer.}


On a different note, I volunteered for my own bodily pain tonight. I even paid to be in pain.

I'm limping around and feeling like I sorta wanna karate chop/kick this lady

It's only fair. She totally kicked my butt tonight.

In only 20 minutes.

On level 1 of 3.

{Supposedly she's the fitness trainer from The Biggest Loser? I don't watch but know plenty of people who love it. So maybe you already knew she was tough... I, however, was completely caught off guard.}

I am in sad, SAD shape. I no longer know the girl I was in high school... that was very nearly a decade ago. Or more accurately, 20 pounds and 1 million hours of television ago. That girl that was on a national champion dance team, that did ballet and pointe in her spare time, that came home from 3 hour dance practice to get on the treadmill. That CRAZY girl who woke-up very early before school to do the video "8 minute abs"... twice. {So, 16 minute abs???}

I don't want to actually be her again. She was a tiny bit psycho obsessed. {But hey, we danced at half-time of our high school football and basketball games and our outfits were on the revealing side. It was all in the name self preservation!}

I don't want to be her, but I'd love to feel a little more of the energy she had back then.

As for dieting, I had no plans to try and alter what I'm eating right now, just to start with working out, but after tonight's dinner of Velveeta shells and cheese and then the 30 Day Shred... dinner almost didn't stay down and I can't even dream of eating it again anytime soon.

So hey, there's one crappy food already cut from my adolescent diet.

It's a start.


  1. I think your beautiful - I don't think you have anything to worry about! The Shred is tough - eventually it gets easier but it got really boring to me after about a week! Good luck if you're planning to go the whole 30!

  2. I felt the same way after day one of the shred! It does get better and you will feel stronger. It is a good workout even if I've never attempted level 3...Good Luck!!

  3. I have one more thing to add. I was just looking at your beautiful house pictures and saw the picture of your paddle...I'm a SigKap too! I have my paddle hanging in my office area as well...Something that will probably be in there forever.

  4. Glad your momma is okay! Jillian is one crazy lady, but she can get you into shape!

  5. really wanna try this dvd! xx

  6. when i was planning my wedding I decided i needed to get in shape. Everyone on theknot was raving about this dvd so I got it, did it twice and never again. My dad on the other hand has continued on and does it daily still!

    good luck! :)

  7. Holy cannoli. Good for you for doing 30DS. I did Level 1 (took me 10 days) and then did 2 days of Level 2 and decided I'd rather eat carrot sticks than endure that kind of torture. Best of luck and lots of Icy Hot!

  8. Where can I get that work-out video from? I am in desperate need too! I joined the gym for a year membership and havn't been back since August!! I'm so slack!

  9. 30 Day Shred is a killer but it gets you results if you are dedicated. Good luck!

  10. Um, can I please have your body?!??! Seriously, you look fantastic in all of the pictures I have seen of you (and I don't mean that to sound quite as creepy as it does, sorry about that, haha!)

    And mmmm shells and cheese!!

  11. Love the shred...although, she kind of creeps me out a little (her facial expressions and voice) but she is in FAB shape.

    Hope your Mom is doing ok.

  12. She is a little mean. I got bored, and love what I am doing. I ordered a new workout called rev abs for my birthday~should be here Monday...HAVE FUN!!

  13. I'm on day 2. She's kicking my butt too!

  14. You look amazing now, I can only imagine how fit you must have been in high school. I've heard that DVD was really hard.

  15. I felt like that after doing it the second time. And boy is she kicking my butt. I am up to day 7 (not all in a row) and it is getting better.


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