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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why not a bridge?

We took an old country road instead of the busy, inner city, rush hour traffic roads to get to my sister and BIL's part of the world and to visit with my mom who was visiting with them.

We hadn't actually taken this road before and weren't sure what to expect.

We thought, when checking out the directions on the GPS, that there might be a ferry to take us across the little blue "line" on the screen but thought nawwwwwww and took the road anyway...

Well, low and behold, we pulled up to the river and settled in for a 20 minute wait, watching the tiny ferry slowly traffick 3 cars with each pass back and forth to shore.

When it was our turn, I put the 4-Runner in park and naturally, hopped out to take a few pictures.

We had a pleasant little experience.

The men on the ferry were lovin' their job with lots of waves and smiles and the kind of southern hospitality that always makes me appreciate living in Kentucky.

Nick stayed in his seat, maintaining his independance from the crazy snap happy girl running around on the ferry... if you can't tell, that's him in the passenger seat, which means I drove onto and off of the boat, which may have made me just a little apprehensive about my driving abilities in the moment.

{I told Nick to grab
the dog out of his carrier in case we had to make a quick getaway from a sinking vehicle; he didn't, but I was totally serious.}

Don't you just love finding joy in the samll stuff?


  1. This is really cool! Something completely random!

  2. Hilarious?? I agree...why no bridge??

  3. that is so cool!!
    but i think a bridge would be a better long term solution ;)

  4. Love that you wanted him to get the doggy out, hahah!!!

    Cool pictures!

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