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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dog for sale

Dear Federal Reserve,

If Hendrix didn't have half of a shredded $10 bill in his mouth, he would let you know that he's really sorry about tearing your currency. After a little chat with him, he now realizes this is actually a crime. But before we could talk, his dad and I actually had to offer him a treat to drop the money.

On a side note, we've actually learned to offer him a treat to get him to dispell anything from his mouth without having to reach in there to get it ourselves and risk puncture marks to the hand. So either #1) he will think what he did was "good" since he earned a treat for it, or #2) he will grow up thinking you can bribe anyone with a $10 bill to get what you want.

Lastly, to whom it may concern at the Federal Reserve, we found what was left of the currency in another room and taped it back together. A large piece of Alexander Hamilton's face is still missing and have come to the conclusion that it is most likely in the belly of the beast. We were hoping that, possibly, we could trade ours in for a new, slightly less torn $10 bill. We are not made of money around here, and, well, you are. So how's about it, Mr. Federal Reserve?

Kind regards,
The Roberts Family


  1. Too funny!!! Poor Alexander Hamilton! Knox, my dog, was chewing on a penny the other night.

  2. LOL. I needed a good laugh this morning. This is hilarious.

    Bad habit for Hendrix but great story. Hopefully he sticks to $1 bills from now on.

  3. Ha ha! We too have to bribe our dog to get her to drop things. She has since learned that she can get a treat for bad behavior too!

  4. Hahaha so cute! He has the funniest look on his little face!!

  5. Awh..what a CUTE story. We had the same experience with your (4 lb) yorkie named Annabelle.

    Our family had headed out to eat for our daughters birthday party, (our daughter left her cards laying on our couch while we went out for dinner) and when we returned...we found 1/4 of a $20.00 bill on the floor...and sadly to say, Annabelle ATE the rest. my parents gave Ash...a replacement $20.00 bill but this time, she put it in her wallet!


    I LOVE your blog!!

  6. I got to your blog from Kelly's Corner,and thought this was hilarious. This happened with my friends dog a couple of years ago except it was two $20 bills. She took in the remains and the bank actually did exchange it for her so you might give it a try.

  7. Thats so so so funny! He's so cute it'd be hard to be mad at that face! :)

  8. Just remember, it could worse - i've known a dog or two in my day to shred (beyond repair) several $20 dollar bills.

    Just think of him as a walking Piggy Bank. That won't return...

  9. ha, that is too cute!
    he is adorable :)

  10. LOL! you are so cute! I laughed reading the whole post. And look at those eyes, saying "mom, its so tasty..iz sowwy.." too freakin' cute!


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