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Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, KK!

My beautiful mother-in-law's birthday is today! Karen welcomed me into her home and family almost 4 years ago. She has always made me feel loved and kept me well-fed and taken care of through the years. She has treated me like a daughter and has been the best mother-in-law I could ask for! Karen has a sweet heart, a wonderfully artistic and creative side, and is always the first to volunteer to help out in anyway - seriously, it's always out of her way and she doesn't even hesitate. She makes our lives easier and happier. For that and so much more, she deserves the best and we {Nick and I} hope that this is one of the best birthdays she's had yet.

I mentioned before that we got to celebrate her birthday a week early this past Friday. Tonight, we'll be visiting again for a little birthday dinner with her and Bob. Since we went out to a Mexican restaurant last Friday, she was forced to wear the birthday sombrero. She may not really care for that photo to be on here, but since it's so festive and fun... I altered the picture to come up with this neon sign effect. {It's fun, right?}

And the "60's" photo effect. Cute little family!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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